Tesla recalls some Model 3 and other models for quality problems

Tesla, a U.S. electric car company, has again broken out the quality problem, some of the company’s Model 3 and Model Y models, because the brake caliper bolts may not be properly fixed, and to recall the vehicles to repair. Tesla has not yet announced the number of recalled vehicles, but its Chinese branch said that the recall does not involve China-made Model3 and Model Y, but involves a small number of imported Model3 models.

Foreign media reports say Tesla will recall some Model 3s produced between December 2018 and March this year; and some Model Ys produced between January 2020 and January this year.

According to an email sent by Tesla to U.S. owners, on certain vehicles, the brake caliper bolt retention may not meet technical requirements. The bolts may loosen over time and are more likely to separate, allowing the caliper to contact the inner surface of the rim. In extreme cases, abnormal noise may occur and may affect wheel rotation, resulting in a loss of tire pressure.

Tesla China said that it has filed with the relevant authorities, who will disclose the specific number of recalls in the near future, and will start the recall after the filing process is completed. A company spokesman said that the incident is basically unrelated to the recent Tesla brake problem, and so far, no collision or injury cases have been received as a result of the problem.