Fujian police station deputy chief rape sentenced to 9 years in prison Netizen: the cost of crime is too low

On May 27, the Political and Legal Committee of Fujian Province issued a notice saying that Zou Binsheng, the former deputy chief of the Maundian police station of Changting County Public Security Bureau in Fujian, was sentenced to nine years in prison for raping and indecently assaulting a woman; the case of another police officer, Xie Jia Cheng, who was involved in rape, is still under trial.

The notice said that the Changting County Court found that Zou Binsheng was guilty of rape (attempted) and forced indecent assault on women and sentenced to nine years in prison; Xie Jacheng, a civilian employee of the Changting County Public Security Bureau’s Immigration Management Brigade, was involved in rape, which is currently being heard by the Fuzhou Railway Transport Court.

According to the report, according to the relevant regulations, the deputy county government of Changting County, the county public security bureau party secretary, director Zhang Yu, Changting County Public Security Bureau Maundian police station party branch secretary, director of Zeng Fan, Changting County Public Security Bureau immigration management brigade party branch secretary, captain Lai Yonglin 3 people to give serious warning within the party, and removal from office.

In addition, according to the responsibility of 14 people were given the corresponding party disciplinary and political sanctions.

According to the online explosion, November 20, 2020, Changting County Public Security Bureau Maundian police station a police officer Zou Moumou violated the ban on public security, continuous drinking, at 21:00 that night, Zou Moumou drunk came to a local hotel KTV, a waitress to take violent measures to commit rape. After the incident, the victim reported to the Public Security Bureau and Zou was arrested.

Another occurred on the night of February 7, 2021, Changting County Public Security Bureau Immigration Management Brigade, a civilian Xie Moumou, in a local bar for his friend’s birthday, followed a woman to the bathroom on the occasion of a forced kiss, and suspected of rape. The victim woman reported the case to Xiamen Railway Public Security Office Changting County Railway Police Station, and Xie was detained.

There have been previous cases of alleged rape by police officers in Fujian, according to the report. Zhang Mouqing molested a female suspect, Deng Mou, several times while she was in the bathroom at the Fujian Xiangcheng Public Security Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Brigade No. 1 Squadron Office Building, while being interrogated on suspicion of fraud. Zhang Mouqing was sentenced to six years and four months in prison for the alleged rape and forced indecent assault of a woman.

Zhang Yunlong, a police officer in a police station in Hefei, Anhui Province, raped a female subject four times while verifying clues about related crimes. For the crime of rape, he was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison in the first instance. Later, Zhang Yunlong appealed. The Hefei City Intermediate Court in Anhui Province rejected Zhang Yunlong’s appeal in the second trial and upheld the original sentence.

The news that the Fujian police officer was sentenced to nine years for raping a woman sparked some online discussions among netizens. Some people said, “the sentence is too light, the use of public power to coerce the woman into submission, the crime is aggravated”, “we wait and see, not long after going in to begin to reduce the sentence, and finally parole, less than half of the sentence will be out”, “this kind of thing How can this be solved? There is no solution, the upper beam is not right, the lower beam is crooked, what can be done?” The cost of rape is too low”, “write an article sentenced to 18 years, the police rape sentence of 9 years, really can!”