Musk: prevent “big filter” human should land on Mars as soon as possible

The Daily Star reported on May 25 that Elon Musk, who is known as an “alien” because of his fanciful thinking, has once again made a surprising statement. As the boss of SpaceX and Tesla, this time he reminded that humans should go to Mars sooner, because according to the “Great Filter” theory, everything on Earth will one day disappear.

The “Great Filter” theory

Before explaining the “big filter”, we have to talk about what is the “Fermi paradox”.

In 1950, physicist Fermi asked why, if there were a large number of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations outside the galaxy, no evidence of spacecraft or probes could be found until today.

There are many hypotheses about the “Fermi paradox”, one of them is the “Great Filter” theory proposed by Robin Hansen in August 1996, which suggests that even if there are some planets in the universe with an environment similar to Earth’s, during the long evolutionary process These planets have failed to give birth to higher civilizations because of various difficulties (such as disasters or wars).

How much time is left for Earth?

Musk believes that the only way to avoid the “Great Filter” on human beings is to let them “move” to Mars. He said in a message on a foreign social networking site, “SpaceX will land an interplanetary spacecraft on Mars by 2030.”

Just last Saturday, he even said, “Only now, 4.5 billion years after the formation of the Earth, it is possible to go to Mars.”

“I don’t know how much time is left. Maybe it’s a long time, maybe it’s a short time. If it’s the latter, we have to act now.”

The difficulty is in building a Mars base

The continued success of SpaceX has made Musk, who originally thought interplanetary travel was dangerous, turn his attention to the construction of space bases. He has said “maybe you will die first, everything will be very difficult, but if it works, it will be very good.”

Not long ago, the fifth test flight of SpaceX’s Starship rocket was successful, which seems to indicate that the dream of interstellar travel has become more real.

Musk has many incredible ideas for a Mars base, such as building a giant glass dome, or changing the entire planet’s atmosphere, etc.

Something to look forward to

Musk believes that doing what he loves is the key to his success. To say how much Musk loves interstellar exploration? After all, his son, born last year, was named “XÆ A-Xii Musk”.