Please think about how many years you have left before you re-sentence Sun Dawu for 25 years.

Known as the “outspoken entrepreneur of conscience,” the founder of Hebei-based private enterprise Dawu Agricultural and Livestock Group, Sun Dawu, was accused of provocation and other nine crimes in November last year, along with his family and subordinates were prosecuted. Sun Dawu is willing to take the blame alone, there is news that he will be heavily sentenced to 25 years. In response, Xie Tian, a professor at the South Carolina School of Business who has long followed the “Dawu case,” told overseas Chinese media that the Chinese Communist authorities had sentenced Sun Dawu to 25 years, but the Communist regime did not have 25 years either. “I think this is a glory for Sun Dawu, and when the Chinese Communist regime falls, people will open the prison to welcome him out, and then return his glory to its true nature.”

Sun Dawu, a famous Chinese peasant entrepreneur (file photo)

The pre-trial conference of the Hebei Gaobeidian People’s Court on the Sun Dawu case ended last Saturday morning (May 22). The ‘Minsheng Watch’ website, which follows the human rights situation on the mainland, revealed some of the details of the court session, which are moving and thought-provoking.

At the pre-court meeting, Sun Dawu said: “Under such pressure, suffering is unbearable, life is worse than death, I would rather take all the responsibility. I can even die. As long as I liberate everyone, I can die.” My family is in the detention center, five grandchildren at home, I am anxious, I solve it?

Sun Dawu refers to himself and his wife did not share the red. Now this is being pursued, they hope to bear some crime, even if it is a felony. I hope to release these people behind. He said: we are people who have contributed to society. After that, Sun Dawu cried, and the family members present also cried.

Sun Dawu also told how he was mistreated during his detention: “Wearing black headgear was a normal part of our lives. As soon as we left this place, we had to wear them, including for medical appointments. I had no sun and no windows for three months, and this mental cruelty had reached its limit. The suffering inside (the place designated for residential surveillance) was unbearable. Life was worse than death, and I went on a hunger strike to change the coercive measures to ask to go to the detention center.”

What is a pre-court conference in the Chinese judicial system? It is puzzling. The pre-trial conference in Sun Dawu’s case was held forcibly under the protest of several defenders. Sun Dawu’s heartfelt words and tears of willingness to take responsibility for his family and all those in the dock at the meeting could only move normal people with a conscience. Those prosecutors who want to sentence Sun Dawu to 25 years, and those judges who want to hold a quick trial for the Communist Party’s birthday despite the opposition of the defense lawyers, will not be moved by Sun Dawu’s sincere feelings.

Xie Tian, a professor at the South Carolina Business School who has long followed the Dawu case, said that China’s political and social system has no room for a good man like Sun Dawu. “He did a lot of charities, built hospitals, and took very little or no money from the poor, and was a true charity hospital. And this kind of thing, in a society like China, you do good people are very difficult to do. Why? Because you are morally noble, very kind, not greedy for money, not profit, not making black money, this will be those unkind, evil, deceptive, profiteering, high profits of those black-hearted personnel, to them to reflect, they evil people will feel uncomfortable. Because you are a good person, and reflect their ugly, they will feel jealous. He thus offended many people.

Professor Xie Tian also said: “If Sun Dawu were in American society, he would be the Rockefeller of America, and would be a Rockefeller-type person. He would make a lot of money, would be very successful, would do a lot of philanthropy, run charity hospitals, universities and so on.

In China, he would be a prisoner. First, the Chinese Communist Party is a society that does not tolerate such kind and honest people; second, he not only offended these lower and middle class, some local government officials, but later he also offended the top officials of the Chinese Communist Party. Because he is an entrepreneur, he also has a sense of social responsibility, he often goes to speeches, when he speaks, he also speaks more frankly and sincerely. He is actually still quite low-key, I think he has been more euphemistic criticism, basically quite mild criticism, but this Chinese Communist Party can not stand. This is a threat to the Chinese Communist Party. That’s why the top of the CCP agreed to give him a heavy sentence of 25 years. The Chinese Communist Party is afraid that the Chinese people have money in their hands, and they are also afraid that the Chinese people have knowledge in their heads, or have insight and know the truth. If the peasants combine with the current Chinese intellectuals, this is a clear attempt to steal their power and seize it. The CCP is too sensitive to this, and this combination is too scary for the CCP.”