Chen Hong asked Chen Kaige what would happen if he kept shooting? Chen Kaige’s answer made Chen Hong silent

Chen Hong once when walking, asked Chen Kaige, if he had been an actor, what would be the result?

Chen Kaige thought for a while and said solemnly that there could be two results.

The first is that you can continue to shoot, but the play will become narrower, may have to get up at five in the morning, until more than 10 o’clock to have a play shot.

The second is no drama shooting.

After listening to Chen Kaige’s words, Chen Hong went back to think about it. After thinking about it, Chen Hong decided to return to the family.

And Chen Kaige put the focus on the career, the two men outside, women inside, the day also lived a very happy life.

It must be said that age, the impact on girls is always greater than men.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get the best out of your family.

The first thing that I remember about Chen Hong is that when she was filming “The Water Cloud”, Wang Zixuan was really beautiful, but bold and bold, especially the phrase “you should stop saying ‘who is the father of the child'”, really thunderous.

But Chen Hong is also really beautiful. Auntie Qiong Yao’s three views have deviations, but the aesthetic is never off.

Later, Chen Hong married Chen Kaige, almost did not shoot a scene, it is also a pity to say.

The first time I read an interview, a girl went to an interview, the interviewer asked her how you would balance career and family. Another female interviewer, however, skipped the question and questioned the male interviewer, why the boy who had just interviewed, had not asked this question.

Family and career, it seems, are a thousand-year-old problem, and even the delicate balance is difficult to grasp.