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On May 22, Zhang Zixuan updated the dynamic, she recorded herself going to Xianhezhuang to eat hot pot as well as some ordinary daily video, An An and Chen He also accompanied the appearance, after coming home at night, Zhang Zixuan Chen He ordered take-out to watch movies together with a sweet atmosphere.

Previously, Chen He was questioned about cheating on Zhang Zixuan, it is reported that in 2014, Zhang Zixuan starred in “Rush Hour” and “Medical Pavilion Smile”, began to cooperate with Chen He, and then rumors of their feelings scandal. This year, it was also the time when Chen He and Julia Xu had a change of heart and their divorce ended. Xu said, “Although I don’t know when this new relationship will start and how it will continue, it is, after all, after our divorce.”

Zhang Zixuan also said at the same time in the divorce statement, “and Yang Yiliu’s feelings are ‘lingering love’; divorce or not, choose to stay with whom, that is like people drink water, warm and cold; rumors are too much, I choose to protect themselves, retain most of the privacy, do not respond. “

In addition, Xianhezhuang is Chen He’s hot pot restaurant, recently frequent accidents, the ceiling suddenly collapsed, resulting in customer fractures, the frying pan splashed up and scalded face, the use of pancetta has also been controversial, reputation decline. Some netizens believe that this time Zhang Zixuan deliberately sent a video record to her husband Chen He’s hot pot restaurant, quite a kind of publicity and whitewashing.