Huang Shengyi’s mother-in-law and mother’s early photos! When she was young, she looked young

In the photo, Huang Shengyi’s mother-in-law also had a short, sharp hair like now, and she was holding Yangzi when he was young, with a smile on his face, showing two rows of big white teeth.

When Huang Shengyi’s mother was young, she wore sunglasses and a red dress, which was very conspicuous in the crowd, and carried a satchel, which was extremely fashionable and also very literary girl.

In the photo of Huang Shengyi with her mother, the little Huang Shengyi is very young, her face is full of collagen, very youthful and innocent, her body is tall, basically the same height as her mother. She is dressed simply, but full of spirit. There is no big difference between the looks and the present day.

A few days ago, Huang Shengyi also took to her personal video account to tell everyone the good news that the book she co-authored with her mother will be on sale soon. In their communication, you can feel that Huang Shengyi and her mother have a friend-like relationship, mother kindness and daughter filial piety.

Huang Shengyi’s mother is a journalist and has a strong sense of bookishness and attaches great importance to Huang Shengyi’s education. The mother also said that the book records some things between herself and her daughter, which is significant.

When Huang Shengyi and her mother-in-law were on the variety show, the two of them have always been very intimate, when playing together, the two of them even sat back to back on the swing, the picture is very warm and beautiful.

The mother-in-law even imitated Huang Shengyi’s movements after she opened her arms like a fairy, which was very generous and cute.

Nowadays, Huang Shengyi gets along well with her mother and mother-in-law, and the family often plays and chats together, living a happy life.