Vulgar Wiki case part of the young people released from prison WeChat conversation exposed more shady

The vicious Wiki case, sparked by the leak of Xi Jinping’s daughter’s personal information, has led to the sentencing of 24 young people. A number of young people have already been released from prison. Recently, a source provided Voice of Hope Radio with the WeChat records of some of the young people who were released from prison, showing that the case is full of shady details.

The screenshots of the WeChat transcripts provided to the station by the informant show that there were bribes and torture, and that the police threatened the young men and their parents to cover up the news.

In one of the screenshots of a conversation between two young people, young man A confesses that the police investigated him perfunctorily because his parents sent money to the police. He said, “My parents said they also stuffed money to him so he wouldn’t mess with me, so they took a token look at the equipment I was caught with.”

Young people WeChat exposed to bribery bribery

In another screenshot, young man A said, “My dad said he spent more than 100,000 on me.”

Young people WeChat exposed to bribery bribes

A also revealed that Niu Tengyu was beaten during the period of residential surveillance, “beaten every day, beaten in different ways, he quarreled with the procuratorate, said gyy (Gu Yang Yang) acquitted, he was beaten, to do to exclude illegal evidence.”

Screenshot of young people’s WeChat in the case of vicious wiki

Another conversation, A again said that Niu Tengyu was beaten in January, most likely to be beaten to the arm bone fracture, three or four months to heal. The court session, Niu Tengyu has been saying that he was beaten, but the prosecutor’s office directly showed a health certificate to the matter, Niu Tengyu asked to exclude illegal evidence in vain, became a scapegoat, was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Screenshot of young people’s WeChat in the Vulgar Wiki case

According to previous news, Gu Yang Yang is the Shanghai webmaster of the Vulgar Wiki website, his father is an official of the Shanghai Education Bureau, and his mother is an executive of the Ali Group Ant Financial Services.

We have reported, citing sources, that Gu Yang Yang was arrested by the police in Maoming, Guangdong, and was later released. The parents of the convicted youngsters questioned Yang Guangyao, the chief of cyber security of the Maoming Public Security Bureau, who was in charge of the case, “How can Gu Yang Yang, the actual controller of the website, be released, but not our children?” Yang Guangyao replied that it was because Gu Yang Yang Yang had reported other children.

Sources said that after his release, Gu Yang Yang was immediately sent outside the country by his family.

Xiao Yanrui, founder of the website “Vulgar Wiki” and currently in Japan, told Radio Free Asia that the police had created shadowy documents and changed the main culprit from Gu Yang Yang to Niu Teng Yu.

The two documents were given to Niu Tengyu by the police during his detention in Foshan, and he was given a computer to type some words, which he accidentally saw because he is a computer genius and recovered some of the documents.

The chat logs of young man B obtained by this station disclosed that the police used Gu Yang Yang’s testimony extensively when handling the case and ignored Niu Teng Yu’s testimony: “Gu Yang Yang was the first witness, a lot of gyy (Gu Yang Yang) content that was not written on the paper content. …… In addition to Gu Yang Yang is a secret volume, other people testimony are from the litigation volume, …… in the verdict excerpts of the testimony of Niu Teng Yu about 4,000 + (more than 4,000 words), … …Maoming took the testimony of gyy, qxd, cla, and ignored the testimony of nty (Niu Tengyu).”

Screenshot of young people’s WeChat in the Vicious Wiki case

The judge said that Niu Tengyu had only 285 contributions to the wiki, the lowest contribution value of any member of the site, but was named the “main culprit”. Those who have thousands of tens of thousands of contributions are instead accomplices. The informant said that the existence of power and money transactions is obvious.

During the course of the case, news of the young man’s torture continued to come to light, drawing international attention. A conversation between Young Man C and a public security insider shows that Maoming police were nervous about it, investigating who leaked the information and threatening to take him back. The public security insider said: “You people inside the initial test (out) with letters out, and then the whole team (dislike) went abroad,…… Dragon head (detention center Long director) in the investigation of you people, when the time may also catch you back… …”.

Vulgar Wiki case young people WeChat screenshot

The person in the know told reporters that the text part of the dialogue is automatically converted from voice, inevitably some errors. The reporter was given some explanations about the content of the conversation.

The conversation between young man A and another young man also disclosed similar content.

Screenshot of the WeChat chat between the young people in the Vicious Wiki case

The parents of the 10 young people in the case wrote a joint open letter, saying that their children were “scapegoats” and calling attention to the case. The parents formed a WeChat group to share information about the case, but were threatened by police.

Young man D mentioned in a conversation with others, “The black skin (police) came straight to the door and asked to leave the group, giving my father a fright.”

Screenshot of young people’s WeChat in the Vicious Wiki case

The case was triggered by the leak of personal information of Xi Jinping’s daughter Xi Mingze and brother-in-law Deng Jiagui. Xiao Yanrui disclosed that Xi Jinping’s daughter’s personal information, which was purchased from within the police, had nothing to do with the 24 young people sentenced in the case. The public security officials in charge of the case could not catch the overseas exposer, so the 24 young people were arrested as “scapegoats”.

The second trial of the case is now over, and Niu Tengyu, who received the heaviest sentence, insists that he is innocent and wants to continue his appeal, but is prevented by the police in Maoming, Guangdong, from seeing a lawyer and signing a commission.

The case’s revelations of torture to extract confessions and other shady practices have sparked widespread international concern, with officials from several embassies in China meeting with the parents of the young victims and expressing concern about the situation.