No wonder: Henan Xinyang 30 public security bribes to buy officials, rights activists urged to investigate unattended

Recently, Xinyang City, Henan Province, a human rights activist in New Zealand, wrote to Zhao Kezhi, Minister of Public Security of the Communist Party of China (CPC), asking him to disclose the list of official buyers in Xinyang’s public security system and asking the authorities to investigate. Some Xinyang police justice sources said the list of official buyers has been circulated within the public security system, but did not trigger an earthquake in Xinyang’s official circles, as expected.

Rights Defense Network recently published an open letter sent by Xinyang, Henan Province, rights activist Yin Jian to Zhao Kezhi, the Communist Party’s minister of public security. According to Yin, his father, Xing Wangli, is being illegally detained in Xinyang County Detention Center for visiting Jiang Tianyong, a human rights lawyer who is under house arrest in Xinyang, and has been convicted by Xinyang police of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble. He said, “I have to think about why the Xinyang police are so evil, as I am busy with my studies every day.”

Through multiple checks, Xing Jian found that Li Changgen, the former vice mayor of Xinyang City, accepted bribes from 31 people during his tenure as Xinyang City Public Security Director, while 30 of them were suspected of bribing to buy officials, and many of them still hold leadership positions as Xinyang city and county public security directors, political commissars, captains and chiefs.

In his letter to Zhao Kezhi, he wrote: “There are 1.4 billion people in the land under your jurisdiction, but the 30 official buyers will not be sanctioned by the law, and they will continue to poison Xinyang’s 8 million people. Water can carry the boat, but also can overturn the boat, which is more important? I hope you will consider it yourself.”

Public information shows that Li Changgen, former deputy mayor of Xinyang City and director of the Public Security Bureau, was sentenced to 10 years in prison on April 14, 2016 for the crime of accepting bribes and died in prison on Oct. 20 of the same year. According to the criminal verdict No. 27 of (2015) Luo Xing Chu Zi, Li Changgen’s list of bribe-takers was as many as 31 people, covering almost all of the police hierarchy in Xinyang.

According to certain righteous sources in the Xinyang police, the list has been circulating internally and has gotten hold of part of the list that has been verified. But it did not trigger an earthquake in Xinyang’s official circles, as the outside world expected.

The Chinese mainland former media person He Guangwei had asked the Xinyang police to disclose Li Changgen bribery fallen out of a number of bribe payers list, but was rejected by the Xinyang Shihe District Court, the reason is “government secrets.

And the criminal investigation will be their own evidence of these officials by the purchase of some of the names of officials to public.

According to the verdict, from 2008 to 2014, Li Changgen used as the deputy mayor of Xinyang City, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Secretary of the Municipal Political and Legal Committee, accepting Liu Mou3’s request, in the office repeatedly accept Liu Mou3 total of 160,000 yuan, Liu Mou3 from Gushi County Public Security Bureau deputy director gradually promoted to Xinyang City Public Security Bureau, Deputy Political Commissar of the Economic Investigation Branch, Guangshan County Public Security Bureau Political Commissar, Director, and He promised to continue to provide assistance to Liu Mou3 in his work and job promotion.

It has been verified that Liu Mou3 is Liu Yang, the current director of the Xixian Public Security Bureau.

Li Changgen had accepted a request from Zhou Mou2, then political commissar of the Public Security Bureau of Shangcheng County, and accepted a total of 140,000 RMB from Zhou Mou2 in his office three times to promote Zhou Mou2 to the position of Director of the Public Security Bureau of Shangcheng County.

It was verified that Zhou Mou2 was Zhou Conggui, the current director of public security of Luoshan County.

Li Changgen had accepted a request from Wang Mou5, the then political commissar of the Luoshan County Public Security Bureau, and twice accepted a total of 30,000 RMB from Wang Mou5 to promote Wang Mou5 to be the director of the Luoshan County Public Security Bureau, and promised to provide him with assistance in his work and job promotion in the future.

It has been verified that Wang Mou5 is Wang Li, the current head of the State Security Detachment of Xinyang City Public Security Bureau.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The small officials who do not often appear on the Internet are not so easy to check, and can only check internal biographies.

In his letter, Xing Jian called for no tolerance for these black sheep who bought officials through criminal bribery, and urged Xinyang police to immediately release Jiang Tianyong and Xing Wangli. He also suggested that the court “waive 10 percent of the criminal punishment for Liu Yang in order to encourage the latter to be a clean official” in terms of sentencing.

The Xing Wangli family has been petitioning since 2002, when Xing Jian was injured by a Xinyang City Cotton and Sisal Company driver in a drunken driving accident, and has been repeatedly retaliated against by the local government, which has repeatedly and unlawfully sentenced the Xing Wangli family.

On April 20 this year, Mr. and Mrs. Xing Wangli went to Luoshan, Henan Province, to visit Jiang Tianyong, a human rights lawyer who had been under illegal house arrest for more than two years. A week later, Xing Wangli was taken away from Beijing by police officers from Qianmen Police Station, and was subsequently placed in administrative detention for 15 days by the Xixian Public Security Bureau for provocation and nuisance.

Xing Wangli was supposed to be released on May 13, but authorities placed him in criminal detention on the afternoon of May 12. Xing Wangli’s wife, Xu Jincui, went to the police station to inquire and received a response from deputy chief Fang Tao that she “shouldn’t have seen Jiang Tianyong, shouldn’t have gone to Beijing, and shouldn’t have posted things online.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. I asked what mistake had been made. The main road in Beijing is also not allowed to go, Beijing is not allowed to go? He hung up the phone and never heard from him again. I went to the Public Security Bureau, I went to the township police station, they said to ask, just push (blame), this push will push how long! “Even the formalities are not given to you, you are not allowed to enter the public security bureau, and he does not answer the phone.”

According to Rights Defense Network, Liu Yang, the director of the Xixian Public Security Bureau, allegedly blocked all news of the case and ordered his subordinates not to allow Xing Wangli’s family to enter the Xixian Public Security Bureau to inquire about the case.

Xing Jian said that the Beijing police previously said that Xing Wangli had not committed any illegal acts, while the Xixian police transferred him from administrative detention to criminal detention on the grounds that he was not visiting Beijing, the local government is undoubtedly committing a crime, and he will fight to the end.