From the red to a thousand fingers another domestic actress fell from the altar

The world is changing, the arrival of the Internet era, so that the “star-making” movement, come more easily and quickly.

Yesterday, you were still in the grassland feeling the sound of the wind, today, it has become the screen of “worthy of the world”.

For several years, you repeatedly do 3 yuan a bowl of ramen, walk past a hutong, no one knows you anymore.

And after a certain magical night, your noodle stall has become a netizen’s punchline.

It’s not that you don’t understand, it’s that the world is changing fast.

But the most obvious feature of traffic, there is only one: come fast, go fast.

Watch him start a tall building, watch him feast guests, watch his building collapse.

How many netizens, after enjoying the feast of traffic, sink, turn over, and then disappear into obscurity, or even be punished for their crimes.

But many artists, in contrast, are much better off.

The reason for this is not that these artists are more intelligent than the netizens, but that they often have “works”.

Even the young “love beans”, persona, appearance, various packaging and publicity, is also “work”, because and traditional actors, singers are different, they themselves is the most essential “work “.

However, there are exceptions to everything, and some actors have been verbally attacked by the media and the audience because of their own moral issues.

And some actors, but in a “unbelievable” process, after the wind rating to a 180 ° big change.

Liu Mintao.

From the once red and purple, to the present “a thousand fingers”, gradually fall “altar” Liu Mintao, in the end what has experienced?

Change from where to start

Remember in last year, Liu Mintao and Han Xue, Wan Xi in a party to sing a “red high heels”, in just a few days, the major platforms play more than 20 million.

The expressions that netizens jokingly called “as if drinking fake wine” made her stand at the peak of the flow of the screen again.

This 44-year-old actress, as she said herself.

I have worked hard for many years, but not as hard as a song “red high heels”.

At that time, netizens, with an almost “worship” eye, re-examined this “non-famous actress”, who was once known for her “calmness and atmosphere”.

In the vast amount of comments at that time, the voice of praise far outweighed the criticism, mockery and other negative comments.

But after the magical cover of this song, Liu Mintao ushered in her “evaluation watershed”.

In the recent hit “The Living Home”, Liu Mintao starred as a single mother who lives in straitened circumstances, but has a tough personality and is always optimistic about life.

But when we opened the comment section, we saw almost lopsided comments.

Flamboyant and pretentious are the new labels that viewers have given her.

Is it that Liu Mintao has changed? Or the audience’s “taste” has changed?

“Non-famous actress” Liu Mintao graduated from the Chinese opera, in acting, there has never been any problem.

In the class of Chinese opera, Liu Mintao’s classmates, almost all are uncompromising strength: Li Naiwen, Wang Qianyuan, Wang Qianyuan, Liu Mintao’s classmates, almost all are uncompromising strength.

Li Naiwen, Wang Qianyuan, Xin Boqing, Zhu Yuanyuan.

Even if they did not become the top stream of the acting circle, but they are also able to be called “real actors”.

Liu Mintao, too, is the same.

After Liu Mintao graduated, although she did not quickly become a big hit, but also always get the lead role in the play.

The director, Kong Sheng, has become her “valuable person” in life.

As early as 2004, Liu Mintao starred in “Qianmenlouzi Jiuzhijiu” directed by Kong Sheng.

After that, Liu Mintao, whose career was booming, chose to enter the hall of marriage.

For several years, she had few weighty works to appear.

But she did not escape the “seven-year itch” of marriage, after choosing to end the marriage, her acting career, once again set sail.

If the mountain does not come to me, I will go to it.

The “non-famous actress” Liu Mintao, in 2014 to 2015, with the noon sunshine three “masterpiece”, “parental love”, “pretender” and “Lang Ya Bang”, once again for their own proof.

The two roles of “Big Sister” and “Princess Jing”, in particular, brought her to the pinnacle of her acting career.

As mentioned earlier, the image that Liu Mintao shows to the younger generation of viewers is calm, is the atmosphere.

There is a play in the heart, there is light in the eyes.

But after the peak, the rest of the road is like in the downhill.

In recent years, Liu Mintao received the play, most or the main role.

But what are these plays?

3.6 “Take your father to study abroad (TV series)”, 5.0 “Love (TV series)”, 5.3 “Elite Lawyer (TV series)”, 4.3 “Positive Youth (TV series)”.

A lower quality works, a suspended role, is making Liu Mintao’s previously established audience edge, gradually depleted.

Now the audience, the most intolerable thing is to watch the actors who once walked on the “altar of God”, time and again fall to earth.

Classic works and classic role, is always an actor’s greatest capital.

When your work can’t “speak”, or your work is so bad that you don’t need to “speak”, then every action, look, and statement you make in the play will be your “degradation”. The “ironclad evidence.

What we like, very often, is the role, not the actor itself.