Hao Lei’s rocky love history: from Deng Chao to outsiders 3 men 2 marriages have failed?


In 2005, Hao Lei dragged her then boyfriend to see a film she had made, which won the screenplay award at the Busan Film Festival’s Young Directors Program in South Korea, and made Hao Lei famous.

But contrary to its influence, the film not only led to Lou Ye’s five-year ban, but also made Hao Lei suffer from criticism, in which Hao Lei played the role of Yu Hong, a woman crazy for love, and staged several big scenes, the scale of which was as big as Tang Wei’s famous film.

That day, after she and her boyfriend watched a movie, Hao Lei asked him, look at this I shot? The boyfriend asked in return, must we see it?

In Hao Lei’s constant probing and challenging insistence, the two silently watched the film.

During the period, Hao Lei went to the bathroom twice, looked at her boyfriend twice, smoked 4 to 5 cigarettes, drank 4 cans of beer, but her boyfriend almost did not move.

After watching, the boyfriend said with tears in his eyes and her: can I not evaluate?

Hao Lei nodded her head.

Soon after this incident, Hao Lei and her boyfriend broke up, and now we all know that her boyfriend at the time was Deng Chao.

After the two broke up, many media outlets at the time used the film as the reason for the split, saying that Deng Chao could not accept Hao Lei making such a film, so they went their separate ways, and even Hao Lei mentioned in an interview that her boyfriend at the time was very careful.

But many years later Hao Lei said, no this film, their love has also come to an end, after all, if because of a play can disintegrate the love, not called love.

Once, in Hao Lei’s world, love was all.


Hao Lei’s relationship with her parents was not close. Before she was 3 years old, her father was away from home all the time in the army, and Hao Lei had no impression of her father.

Then dad came back easily, one day, Hao Lei and mom were in a car accident when they went out, mom was injured more seriously and stayed in the hospital for more than a year, dad was in the hospital taking care of mom all the time.

Parents disappeared together for a year and a half, and during that time, Hao Lei thought she was an orphan.

When her parents came back, Hao Lei had long distanced herself from them, she would not pamper her parents, especially her father, who never had a stern face, would not talk properly, and practiced combat education on Hao Lei, which, in Hao Lei’s words, raised her as a boy.

In 1993, at the age of 15, Hao Lei set out on a train from Jilin to the south, dragging her luggage with her. Without a seat ticket, Hao Lei found a seat in the aisle, sat on the luggage, looked out the window and thought of countless possibilities.

At that time, because the first time out of the country, ignorance and fearlessness coupled with a sense of novelty, temporarily cover up the panic of a person to wander.

At the age of 15, she could not have imagined that 20 years later she would envy a young girl 22 years younger than herself, a girl named Zhang Zifeng, whom Hao Lei envied because Zhang Zifeng had been accompanied by her mother from the time she came out to film at the age of 6, while Hao Lei had always been alone.

Childhood and parental feelings of alienation, so Hao Lei to any kind of feelings tend to, especially love.

In 1996, at the age of 18, Hao Lei was admitted to the Shanghai Theatre Academy. The next year, she filmed “Seventeen Years Old Don’t Cry”, co-starring Li Chen, a big black cow. In this year, Deng Chao, who was one year younger than Hao Lei, was still working hard for the Chinese drama, but Hao Lei was already making her debut in the acting circle.

After a few years, Hao Lei shot a lot of amazing works, such as the “teenager Huang Feihong” inside the thirteenth aunt, character traits are very distinct, the most critical thing is, then Hao Lei is too beautiful, which for the first time in the entertainment industry Hao Lei circle a lot of powder.

With Hao Lei’s out of the circle, Deng Chao in school also did not idle, he crazy acting, known as “play crazy”, acting excited, will kneel on both knees to kiss the stage, acting badly when not ambitious, a bite to kill a large bottle of two pot head.

In 2002, Deng Chao received a 40-episode long large-scale costume drama “Young Son of Heaven”, in which he was the lead actor, playing Shunzhi. It was at this time that Hao Lei had her first encounter with Deng Chao, when she was cast as Shunzhi’s empress.

The scene wasn’t over yet, and the two fell in love over the play and got together. This year, Deng Chao 23 years old, Hao Lei 24 years old.

This love, a talk is 3 years, at first also had a boom, but due to each other are very young, there are many can not accommodate the contradictions, the two broke up in 2005.

The two broke up in 2005. Hao Lei, who is very dependent on her feelings, described herself as “dead once” afterwards and talked about how Deng Chao did not agree with her to do Lou Ye’s film.

But obviously so lack of love, the face of love and career choice, Hao Lei why still insist on making such a film? This also goes back to the beginning of the shooting, in fact, Hao Lei initially refused, and even put off once.


When Lou Ye first approached Hao Lei, she asked Lou Ye a question: If I shoot, will no one marry me in the future.

Lou Ye reassured her, how will, want to marry you a lot of people are.

But even so, Hao Lei still has a lot of concerns.

“I put off, not afraid of what others will think of me, I’m afraid I’ll lose my love.” It was not easy to get the love of Hao Lei, is no matter how unwilling to take love as a gamble.

That day, Hao Lei in Lou Ye’s office did not hesitate to refuse, but turned out of the office, Hao Lei while going downstairs while falling into tears, she felt that this moment she gave up the work she loved as always, in order to relieve this depressing feeling, two hours later, Hao Lei took a TV series.

This side of Hao Lei and Lou Ye thought that there is a destiny when the other side of Lou Ye has been waiting for her, especially after Hao Lei rejected him on the grounds of love, he is also partial to Hao Lei can not be.

The film casting, Lou Ye before and after about 400 actors, but Hao Lei is the only one who refused him, and the reason is still in many people seem to be dispensable love.

At that time, Lou Ye thought, this is exactly what Yu Hong can say ah, so Yu Hong must be Hao Lei.

But because Hao Lei took a TV series, so Lou Ye has been waiting for her, the original male lead actor is scheduled for Liu Ye, because waiting for Hao Lei, Liu Ye no schedule, the male lead actor was replaced with Guo Xiaodong. In order to wait for Hao Lei, the entire pre-production has been done scenes can only be redone.

Even the producer, in order to this insistence, raw to boil himself thin two circles, Hao Lei again to see the producer, when they were touched, think they saw a professional love of the spirit.

So, Hao Lei agreed to Lou Ye.

Because of this, Hao Lei never felt how cheap the film was, in her heart, any form of performance, is the display of art, although this insistence did make her lose love.

At the early stage of leaving Deng Chao, Hao Lei was once in a trance and no longer in a state of shooting, at this time, she could not wait to need another love to fill, it was at this time, 24-year-old Li Guangjie appeared in Hao Lei’s world.

This year, Hao Lei 27 years old.


In 2005, Hao Lei and Li Guangjie acted together in “Secret Order 1949”, actors are too easy to fall in love with each other, after this film, Hao Lei finally came out of the trauma of the last relationship, this pair played in the drama police and spy “abuse”, in reality “honey love The “abusive relationship” between the police and spy in the drama, in reality, “honeymoon”.

This time, Hao Lei, who was eager for a stable relationship, decided to strike while the iron was hot, so in 2006, Hao Lei and Li Guangjie secretly got a marriage license.

Li Guangjie is also very interesting, in order to show love Hao Lei, he also personally hand-painted a marriage certificate to please Hao Lei.

The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the certificate.

However, he underestimated the power of paparazzi.

Only ten days after the official announcement, a group of Li Guangjie “cheating photos” began to spread wildly on the Internet.

Hao Lei did not wait for the wedding, waiting for the blood of the dog. Just announced the love, became a large Li Guangjie face site, also became Hao Lei’s scar reveal site.

After the “cheating door”, Hao Lei publicly declared that she had separated from Li Guangjie, originally to here, Hao Lei is a proper victim, is the public sympathy party.

But then, Hao Lei did another thing that made everyone’s jaw drop, because she was full of anger at Li Guangjie, so she published an article on her blog cursing each other, because Li Guangjie is Henan, Hao Lei incidentally brought Henan people also into it.

A time Hao Lei became a “regional black” by netizens scolded to death, even Henan official media are down to ask Hao Lei to apologize by name. The woman who takes love too seriously, is too easily angered by men, and dares to say anything, fell in love for the second time a big heel.

After this, Hao Lei finally learned to keep a low profile, she gradually hid her sharp edges, and was no longer eager to find the next person to fill the gap, a window of more than 2 years before she ushered in the next section of love enough to make her “soft”.


In retrospect, in 2005, Hao Lei let her boyfriend watch that movie, in fact, she had her own little heart.

The film is so large scale that it is not realistic to say that you are not at all apprehensive, Hao Lei took it as a small test, she wanted to know if the other side could understand themselves and understand the art.

As it turns out, although Deng Chao is an insider, he still didn’t understand Hao Lei, nor the art in her eyes.

It gave Hao Lei fame, but also gave her a certain psychological barrier.

So much so that it became a hurdle that Hao Lei had to pass in love, so much so that, seven years later, in 2012, Hao Lei, who had experienced one marriage, tested her second husband with this method once again.

In 2012, Hao Lei and Lou Ye had a second collaboration, they made a “floating city mystery”. in April, at the launch of the new film, Lou Ye’s past works were put on the big screen to play, which had those large scale clips.

Before this, Hao Lei asked her husband, “Do you want to go see it?”

Husband back to him, ah, go, why not go?

At that time, there were many people watching the scene together, including the husband’s friends.

This time, Hao Lei did not smoke and did not drink, not to run to the toilet, but see half of the time, she felt a little strange, so she sent a message to the other side, asking: you do not feel embarrassed, right?

The husband sitting right next to him returned to her: I came to see the movie, not to discuss the problem with you.

Hao Lei suddenly felt that she was too Low, too narrow-minded. But at the same time, she was also very happy, the circle of people can not understand things, next to this man as a circle of outsiders, he knows what is art, what is a professional actor, which made her once feel very happy.

In this marriage, Hao Lei’s full of thorns were softened, during that period, Hao Lei gave interviews and appeared in public, the whole person was open and soft, and

Shortly afterwards, the 34-year-old Hao Lei showed the footprints of her twins on social media platforms and held a wedding with her husband who had already received a license.

The second husband is outside the circle, said to be a civil servant, named Liu Ye, but about other information, the outside world does not know anything.

Once Hao Lei never shied away from talking about his feelings, there is one to say one, there are two to say two.

But this time, how exactly the two met, how to get married, and how to get along after marriage, have become a secret that Hao Lei cherishes and hides.

Only, 7 years later, this marriage and why towards the dissolution, also become one of this secrets.

In 2019, Hao Lei announced the end of her second marriage, and the two broke up peacefully and went back to being friends.

This year, Hao Lei was 41 years old.

After the divorce, she returned to her parents’ home and told them, “I haven’t let you guys worry about me since I was 15, and all I want from you now is a hug.

The father shouted back: What’s the use of a hug!

This is the way the father has been formed since childhood to get along with his daughter, but at that moment Hao Lei tears like rain.

When she came out of her family of origin, Hao Lei fought for her art with one hand, and searched for feelings that could give her solace with the other.

More than 20 years later, after two failed marriages, Hao Lei returned to her family of origin again, and this trauma seems to be far more serious than the trauma of love.


Not long ago, Hao Lei was a guest of Xu Zhiyuan’s “Thirteen Invitations”.

When they first met, it was clear that Hao Lei, like all the other guests, was still defensive of Xu Zhiyuan, whom she had met for the first time.

She said every experience, every opinion, and previous interviews are not very different, such as the view of actors, such as the pursuit of professional, there is a paragraph of outspokenness by netizens called “too daring”.

Xu Zhiyuan asked her what she thought of the phenomenon of piling up in the entertainment industry, and Hao Lei didn’t even think about it, but directly came up with the phrase “fame and profit”.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

This time, she also talked about love, so many years past, once love was all she had, but now, she said love has become a good small thing in life.

Although the conversation was also very open, but then Hao Lei still did not honest to the bone.

Even Xu Zhiyuan said that the first encounter, he felt that there was a door between him and Hao Lei, he wanted to advance several times, but Hao Lei are blocked back.

Three months later, Xu Zhiyuan met Hao Lei again. Probably one of the things that happened a few days ago, so she has a strong desire to talk, this time, Xu Zhiyuan almost did not say anything, Hao Lei talked about themselves.

She said that her parents, who were in their 60s, went for a medical checkup, and her father found a tumor, and although it was benign after her consultation, her father, who used to be strong in front of her, was visibly shorter in the flesh and suddenly became good at listening.

Hao Lei was heartbroken, and at that moment she wanted very much to comfort her father and reassure him that the disease was fine, but as soon as the words came out of her mouth, they immediately turned into a very official and formal notice.

Speaking of this, Hao Lei couldn’t help but cry, she said, I would have liked to comfort him, but I wouldn’t ah, he’s never talked to me like this.

At that moment, to the outside world has been like a barrel of Hao Lei, all the vulnerability showed up, she said to Xu Zhiyuan, Lao Xu, you do not know how much I have experienced heart-breaking things, I still have a lot of details want to say.

However, Xu Zhiyuan stopped her and said, “Let’s talk in private”.

After the show aired, someone asked, “How do you evaluate Hao Lei this issue.

A netizen replied.

I found the source of all the stories and cause and effect in Hao Lei’s life.