The first time I saw a big bouquet of roses to confess my love for Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi was spoiled into a princess after 6 years of marriage.

On May 20, Zhang Ziyi took a photo of herself holding a large bouquet of roses on Weibo and confessed her love for Wang Feng with “a bouquet of flowers, two hearts”.

In the photo, wearing a yellow plaid dress Zhang Ziyi, eyes tightly closed, smiling and holding a large bouquet of roses, expression gentle, like a little princess, happiness seems to penetrate the screen. Netizens have commented: “Brother Feng is also too romantic!” Some netizens also speculated that Wang Feng took the photo: “Wang Feng teacher photo technique is good!”

The 41-year-old Zhang Ziyi, married to singer Wang Feng in 2015, now has a 5-year-old daughter “wake up”, and gave birth to a second child on January 1, 2020, to make up the word “good”, plus the daughter born to Wang Feng and his predecessor “The company’s first and foremost goal is to provide a better understanding of the marketplace.

The two of them were not favored by the outside world or even their families because of the disparity between their fame and Wang Feng’s divorce and children, but now they have proven the sturdiness of their love. After the marriage, Wang Feng spoiled Zhang Ziyi like a princess.

The company’s first and foremost goal was to make the company’s products available to the public. In the photo, Zhang Ziyi is leaning on Wang Feng’s shoulder like a bird, and even their mouths are smiling in the same arc.

In recent years, the relationship between “Little Apple” and Zhang Ziyi has been attracting a lot of attention and interest from the outside world. The latter’s mother, Zhang Ziyi, often shares the growth of “Little Apple” on her Weibo account. For example, when “Little Apple” won the first place in the school dance competition, Zhang Ziyi was quick to praise her, showing the pride that parents have for their children between the lines. On the occasion of Little Apple’s 15th birthday, Zhang Ziyi took a photo on Weibo to celebrate her birthday, and in the accompanying text, she exclaimed, “Our beautiful eldest daughter is 15 years old” and “Our baby”. The two of them are snuggling with each other like mother and daughter.

The two of them are close to each other, even inseparable. The “little apple” also affectionately called Zhang Ziyi for mother.

It can be seen that Zhang Ziyi is because of the feelings of Wang Feng “love”, from the bottom of his heart to the “little apple” good. Many netizens praised Zhang Ziyi for being a “good Chinese stepmother”.

A few days ago, some netizens took a photo of Zhang Ziyi, Wang Feng and their two daughters going out for dinner together. Wang Feng walked in the front, “Little Apple” and Zhang Ziyi holding “wake up” in the back, the family is very happy, very loving, the rumor is good.