With Chen Sicheng 520 announced divorce Tong Liya wedding photos now amazing coincidence

On May 20, mainland actress Tong Liya announced her divorce from actor and director Chen Sicheng on Weibo, and the news instantly hit the top of the hot search list. A netizen turned up a photo of their wedding in French Tahiti in the South Pacific seven years ago and accidentally discovered that the other two couples who witnessed the wedding had also divorced one after another in recent years, setting off a frenzy of debate.

In the mainland entertainment industry, after Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng announced their divorce not long ago, Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng also announced their divorce last year on “520” (Chinese harmonics: I love you), a day meant for everyone to show their love. Chen Sicheng wrote: “2011-2020 story comes to an end …… you will always be my favorite people, a different identity guard!” Tong Liya to “earth worth, the future can be expected. Thank you,” the text confirmed that the two did not beat the seven-year itch.

The news instantly hit the top of the microblogging hot search list, but because of the dissonance with the “main theme” of “520”, the hot search was withdrawn after two hours. The word “divorce” has become a hot search on Weibo once again, which is quite ironic when netizens are buzzing about the news of divorce removed from Weibo.

The two of them have a special meaning in the time of their synchronized posting, which has led to speculation and discussion. It turns out that Chen Sicheng issued a text in addition to the date is May 20, the time or 8:8 am, the card point is exactly Tong Liya’s birthday on August 8. The two love story, it is rumored that he proposed on the woman’s birthday, and now officially ended nearly 10 years of relationship, so netizens sigh.

The two are nicknamed “Ya Ya” Tong Liya, is the first “Miss Xinjiang” first runner-up, for cooperation with Chen Sicheng TV series “Beijing Love Story” met and fell in love, the two in 2012 variety show “Happy Camp” on the public relationship, in 2014 in the In 2016, their son “Doduo” was born.

When everyone thought that the family of three was happy, it was unexpected that in early 2017 there was a scandal that Chen Sicheng took two women to a hotel for a night. At that time, Tong Liya was heartbroken, only in the circle of friends wrote “start over”, since then the news of marriage change frequently rumored, Chen Sicheng had denied: “all kinds of nothing! But Tong Liya was found not wearing a wedding ring when she attended an event, and the news about their divorce was endless.

As Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng now officially announced the divorce news, some netizens turned up the two held the wedding site photos, found a surprising coincidence: the wedding was witnessed by Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong, Dong Xuan and Gao Yunxiang, two couples who have divorced in recent years. The former divorce was due to Ma Rong’s cheating, while the latter was due to Gao Yunxiang’s involvement in sexual assault suspicions while filming in Australia, according to the report.

Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng’s wedding photos made netizens lament, “A wedding has three couples divorced.” “It is simply a cursed wedding.” “Is there a magic spell?” “All the things have changed.” “Divorce in the entertainment industry is too common.” Leading to hot debate on the Internet.