Shigaraki Yui used this trick to love Hoshino Gen not to be found Fukuhara Ai skim incestuous accidentally shot

The 32-year-old Japanese “national wife” Arakaki yesterday (19) announced the death of the meeting, flash marriage to marry for the filming of “monthly salary wife” rumors, 7 years older than her Hoshino source, the two revealed in a statement is the end of the filming of “monthly salary wife” New Year’s special earlier this year, before the premise of marriage began to date, and gossip media in the past broke the two The two denied dating at the time, but now they are getting married, and netizens are indirectly hitting Fukuhara Ai’s denial of incestuous love.

The two of them have been dating for at least four years, and in 2018 the media reported that they were very committed to maintaining this underground relationship, and that Hoshino Yuan low-key moved to the same building where the woman lives, from a colleague to a neighbor, which shows their ambiguous relationship, but both sides were reluctant to respond at the time, as if by default.

Fukuhara Ai previously denied that she was very close to the high-sounding man. (Photo / Dazhi image)

The two are in a very low key position at the time of the scandal, and friends were interviewed and said that they had plans to do a sequel to “The Wife of the Month” and that it should be “just a preparation for the shooting”, while the crew reacted more to the news and said: “I was really shocked! “, seems to think that the two on the set can not see the relationship, but private action is amazing. Yesterday’s rumors of marriage, the male company stressed that there is currently no wedding banquet plans, no pregnancy, not to mention cohabitation.

Just Shigaraki and Hoshino source became neighbors in the past but did not admit to dating, and now a burst is the news of marriage, so people can not help but think of the pool diva Ai Fukuhara previously rumored to go on a date with a handsome man to Yokohama, the two live in the same hotel, Fukuhara Ai clarified that there is no incestuous, “is each living in a room”, compared to Shigaraki and Hoshino source and from neighbors to upgrade The example of newlyweds, Fukuhara Ai’s explanation seems to have been shot, more than a few questionable.