Liu Ye’s assistant was exposed to sexual harassment fans, the studio issued a statement: has lifted the cooperation

On May 21, a self-proclaimed fan of Liu Ye broke the news that he was harassed by Liu Ye’s assistant during a class visit. Liu Ye’s studio commissioned the media to issue a statement, saying that the assistant Chen’s behavior violates the workflow, is a private behavior, has been terminated with its cooperation, the studio said it will fully cooperate, the results of the investigation and treatment of matters related to the judiciary referee shall prevail, and further strengthen the supervision of staff, strict regulation of the workflow.

It is reported that the fan said that she forgot to bring her ID card when visiting the class that day, and therefore could not check into the hotel. Originally intended to stay on the set until the next morning and then take the subway to leave, but Liu Ye’s assistant let her stay in the set hotel for fear of her personal safety and lent her a room card to go to her hotel room first.

That night, the fan applied for an ID at the police station and got her own room. The first thing you need to do is to go back to your hotel room, but Liu Ye’s assistant asked her to wait in his room, saying “stay at my place first”. The result of the chatting process Liu Ye’s assistant suddenly moved his hands, not only forced kiss, but also pressed her to the bed, but fortunately was refused after Liu Ye’s assistant stopped moving.

Liu Ye studio statement full text.

According to a media report on May 21, a netizen who claimed to be a fan of Mr. Liu Ye reported that he was sexually harassed by an assistant and had called the police on the matter. After seeing the report, the studio first contacted Chen, a staff member of the group, and learned that he had met with a lady who claimed to be a fan of Liu Ye that day. The studio now solemnly declares the following about the relevant situation: according to the work norms of the studio, if Mr. Liu Ye’s fans contacted to visit the class and other activities, the assistant or other staff members should report to the studio manager in time after receiving the news, and the studio will make unified and advance arrangements. Chen’s behavior is a serious violation of the studio’s workflow, and his meeting with fans on that day was not arranged by the studio, but a private act. from May 21, 2021, the studio and Chen have terminated their cooperation, and Chen is no longer allowed to contact or carry out activities in the name of Mr. Liu Ye’s assistant or the studio’s staff. The Studio is willing to do its best to cooperate with the investigation of the matter by the relevant authorities and respect the relevant processing results. In the future, this studio will strengthen the management of its staff, strictly regulate the work process and strictly demand the character of its staff in order to live up to the trust of the public.