Jiang Hongjie marriage Fu Yuan Ai 80 days first live pro-exposure of the child’s recent situation: so nervous

Jiang Hongjie opened live for the first time after the marriage, interacting with fans. (provided by China Research International)

The first time the couple was married was on March 3, 80 days after their marriage breakup. He greeted his fans warmly at the beginning of the live broadcast, and he enthusiastically taught everyone to change the rubber of the table racket, seemingly in a good mood, it seems that after the marriage, has gradually adjusted to a good mood.

The first thing he said was that he hadn’t been on the air for a long time, so he was a little nervous. He revealed that his two children had already gone to sleep, and that he was at home with them during the epidemic prevention period. He also makes cakes with the children, and he calls himself “Mr. Jiang” and reads picture books to the children, and his father’s love erupts.

During the live broadcast, “All Star Games” red team members Zhou Yutian, Fang Siyu, Wang Jia Liang and others then watched the live broadcast, in support of Jiang Hongjie, red team members laughing loss Jiang Hongjie do not break the voice, Jiang Hongjie said: “Break the voice is rare, only when very excited will oh.”