Attic surprised to see creepy nest experts: is an alien species … -Hornet

A woman in Auckland, New Zealand, posted on Facebook on the 10th that the attic of her home had a creepy huge nest, and when she asked her friends what it was, she was urged to “find an exorcist as soon as possible” to expel the huge nest.

According to The Sun, the woman posted a photo on Facebook in which a huge light brown nest with eerie patterns covered the wooden shelves of the attic, and the woman posted with a dumbfounded emoji asking, “Does anyone know what type of nest this is?”

Many netizens looked on and commented in horror, with one equally horrified user replying, “I think you need an exorcist to deal with this,” and others saying the creepy nest looked like something out of the Netflix series “Stranger Things.

But Dieter Hochuli, an ecologist and professor at the University of Sydney, answered the mystery, saying the nest was actually built by wasps, “They’re an exotic species, an important pest, and they’re certainly more noticeable in areas that have been transformed by humans, and have deep roots in southeastern Australia. You can also find them in Perth and Adelaide. They are quite aggressive and will attack when nests are disturbed.” Hochuli advises women networkers to call a pest control specialist to remove wasp nests, “They will be able to identify if the nest is still active and carry out a safe removal.