San Francisco Chinese businessman beaten by African-American siblings, pepper-sprayed, put on a stretcher: will not be silent can not condone…

San Francisco’s Chinatown has seen another vicious security incident. A female business owner was hospitalized after a suspected retaliatory attack by a burglary suspect. Photos of the victim on a stretcher on the streets of Chinatown have also been circulating on social media.

A day later, Fanly Chen, a businesswoman, bravely spoke up and revealed the details of the incident without fear of retaliation. She stressed her hope that the police would pay attention to law and order and that merchants would unite and not condone illegal acts.

The incident took place on Saturday, May 15. According to the description of the person concerned, her cell phone store is located in Du Ban Street, when at 12 noon after opening the store, two suspected thieves entered the store to steal cell phone cases. The business owner surnamed Chen did not notice at the time. The suspects then returned to the store and asked for a replacement phone case, claiming it was because the model was not right. But the suspects were unable to produce a receipt.

The merchant, surnamed Chen, told the suspect at the time that she could not replace it because there was no receipt. And she said that at a glance, she knew that those who supposedly wanted to replace the phone cases were the ones that had just been stolen. The suspects then grabbed the phone cases directly, and Chen, the merchant, chased after them and shouted and was punched in the corner of the eye. According to her description, there was also a white tourist who stepped in to help and was also beaten. Passers-by called the police and the merchant got her phone case back, but the suspect then fled. The police arrived and made a detailed report.

The suspect reappeared at about 5 p.m., suspected to be in retaliation, and sprayed pepper spray at the business owner. According to her recollection, the suspect said “let you have a lot of trouble this morning”. Because the eyes were sprayed with pepper spray, Chen felt pain in the eyes, face hot pain up, can only immediately rinse with water. Then she also felt difficulty in breathing, more worried about their own blindness. After rinsing for more than half an hour, an ambulance also came and she was taken to hospital for treatment.

The police responded to the incident on the afternoon of the 16th. The police description of the incident is roughly the same as the description of the female business owner. Police stressed that they have increased foot patrols in Chinatown, while Chinatown Central Division Chief John Woo will also notify the Police Department’s Community Liaison Unit to follow up on the victim’s services.

As for the suspects, it is reported that they are African-American teenage siblings living in Chinatown public housing, and are already “repeat offenders”. The police did not confirm the story, only that the suspects fled, and information on their arrest is unknown.

The woman who suffered “retaliation”, surnamed Chen, did not choose to remain silent, but to disclose the details of the incident. She said she hoped that sharing it would not make people speculate, but also hope that the police can pay attention to more protection of small businesses, while we unite, not to condone thieves.

She was home for the day on Sunday and did not work. According to the photo she provided, although the cleaning of the eye is complete, but the face is still swollen.

The female merchant surnamed Chen was sprayed with pepper spray and covered her eyes.