U.S. drivers smoking and using dry hand sanitizer almost burned to death

The U.S. state of Maryland occurred in a dangerous accident, a driver driving to the Federal Plaza ShoppingCenter (Federal Plaza ShoppingCenter), in the parking while smoking, while applying antibacterial formula dry hand sanitizer, but accidentally started a fire, the vehicle was instantly engulfed in flames, burned into scrap metal.

NBC, “Fox News” and other foreign media reports, the case occurred in the afternoon of the 13th, driving a frightening escape, was rushed to a local hospital, hands and inner thighs suffered 1 to 2 degrees of burns, fortunately no life-threatening. According to the fire department’s helicopter rescue footage, the burning car continued to emit thick black smoke, tongues of fire from various windows, but fortunately the fire was quickly extinguished.

The Montgomery County Fire Department said cigarette ashes hit a small drop of dry hand sanitizer, which caused the fire. “Smoking and using dry hand sanitizer in an unventilated environment like a car is a really bad combination,” a spokesman said.

In fact, similar incidents have occurred in various countries before. A woman in Texas lit a candle after applying dry hand sanitizer, causing severe burns; a taxi driver in the United Kingdom just finished sanitizing his hands and picked up a passenger’s lighter that he forgot in the car, immediately starting a fire.

Dry hand sanitizer contains about 60 to 70 percent alcohol, which is a highly flammable product. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises that it is best used in ventilated areas, and that “if used in enclosed areas such as cars, windows should be opened to promote ventilation until the dry hand sanitizer is dry.”