The new chairman of the Republican House caucus: Trump is the key to the party to win back voters

Elise Stefanik, the Republican star of tomorrow, said today that former President Trump is still the leader of the party and the “key” to winning back voters.

Stefanik was elected as the Republican Party’s No. 3 person in the federal House of Representatives on the 14th, which is a major victory for Trump, who still has significant influence on the party and may run for president again in 2024.

Stefanik replaced Liz Cheney. Liz Cheney, the new chairman of the Republican House caucus. Liz Cheney Cheney was pulled from office for criticizing Trump and refuting his false claim that the 2020 victory was stolen by Democrats.

Stefanik, 36, told FOX Business’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that Trump is “the key” to the party. “He is the leader of the Republican Party, the leader of the Republican Party is determined by the voters, and the voters still respect President Trump’s ideas, and he will be an important part of our winning back the House in 2022”.

The Republicans are desperate to quell the discord within the party, but Lizzy Chaney is still defending her candidacy. The company is still defending her “anti-Trump” position. She said today that some Republicans in Congress are unwilling to support her because of the threat of violence from some of Trump’s extreme supporters, or unwilling to oppose Trump’s false claims about the election.

Lizzy Chaney Chinnie told ABC’s “This Week” program, “There are a lot of members of Congress who are quite concerned about their safety.” The president said.

“Our country is suffering from the voting behavior of members of Congress today because they’re worried about their safety, they’re worried about their lives.”

Conservatives want the guns to be aligned in preparation for next year’s midterm elections, and a new CBS News poll shows that most Republicans want the party to show loyalty to Trump and that 80% favor unseating Lizzy B. Chaney. The new CBS News poll shows that most Republicans want the party to show loyalty to Trump, and 80% favor the removal of Lizzy Chaney.