Musical genius reacts badly to CCP virus vaccine, hands and feet are frozen and numb, can’t play

The Gateway Pundit reported on May 16 that Eric Clapton, 76, said he had a terrible reaction to AstraZeneca’s vaccine against the Chinese Communist virus and accused the experimental vaccine of being “hyped up” for its safety.

In a letter to anti-home rule activist Robin Monotti, the legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist wrote, “I had a severe reaction to my first AstraZeneca shot, which lasted 10 days straight away. I eventually recovered and about six weeks later I had the second shot and the reaction was catastrophic, my hands and feet either froze, went numb or burned and for two weeks I could barely do anything and I feared I would never be able to play again, I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and should not be vaccinated. But the propaganda says this vaccine is safe for everyone ……”

Dr. Ryan Cole, owner and operator of Cole Diagnostics, has been an outspoken opponent of the at-home order and has warned about the mRNA vaccine. The Idaho physician said Wednesday (May 12) that he is not opposed to vaccines, but he warned against experimental vaccines for the CCP virus.

Appearing on WJAS radio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he said, “We’ve seen more people die from this shot than from all the vaccines in the last 20 years combined, and that’s just in the first four to five months. “

Dr. Cole said that one study he saw said that 3 percent of the damage caused by the CCP virus vaccine would be permanent.” If you figure that 100 million people got the shot, that’s 3 million people who suffered permanent damage.”