Revealed: the Associated Press knew in 2014 that Hamas was operating from their building in Gaza

The Gateway Pundit reported on May 16 that the Associated Press claimed Saturday that they did not know that Hamas and the AP were in the same bombed building. But this appears to be a blatant lie, as a former AP reporter wrote about Hamas’ actions and rocket fire “right next to their offices” back in 2014. The AP was forgetting to mention this on Saturday.

According to United with Israel, David Lang, who runs the popular Israellycool website, believes that “the AP is lying, they absolutely knew Hamas was in the building “

Lange cites Friedman’s 2014 comment that “AP staffers in Gaza City would have witnessed rocket fire, right next to their offices, endangering journalists and other civilians in the neighborhood, and the AP would not have reported it, even in an AP article about Israel’s claim that Hamas, fired rockets from a residential area.”

Friedman continued, “Hamas fighters would storm the AP’s Gaza bureau and threaten staffers, and the AP would not report it. Photographers waiting outside Shifa Hospital (in Gaza City) would film civilian casualties and turn off their cameras when wounded and dead fighters came in, on the signal of officials, to help Hamas maintain the illusion that only civilians were dying. That happened, too.”

The Gateway Pundit said the AP has operated in the building for 15 years, including during the first three wars between Israel and Hamas, but has not been a direct target in any of them. During those conflicts and the current one, AP cameras in the top office and on the roof deck provided 24-hour live footage.