Zhejiang Liang Xiwen was detained for exposing the self-immolation video of the State Bureau of Letters and Visits

Zhejiang human rights activist Liang Xiwen has been detained for exposing a video of a self-immolation that took place in front of the State Bureau of Letters and Calls in Beijing on May 12.

The video of the self-immolation was transferred and detained

According to TENET citizen reporter Wang Jing, Liang Xiwen, the first person to expose the self-immolation video of the State Bureau of Letters and Visits, was detained on May 13 by the Jiaxing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Economic and Technological Development Zone (International Business District) Branch, Chengnan Police Station, on charges of “provoking and provoking trouble.

At 8:00 a.m. on May 12, a male petitioner doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire in front of the State Bureau of Letters and Visits. After the fire was extinguished by the police with a fire extinguisher, the self-immolator was taken away by the police.

It is known that a petitioner who was in line at the scene saw the scene and immediately took a video and passed it to Liang Xiwen, who then posted the video in various WeChat groups.

In the afternoon of May 13, Liang Xiwen was forcibly summoned by local public security officials on suspicion of “provocation and nuisance”. At present, Liang Xiwen has been placed in criminal detention, and the police refused to inform his family of the reasons for his detention.

Security summons to criminal detention

Liang Xiwen’s son sent out a video online on May 14 in which the police asked him to sign a detention notice, stating that Liang Xiwen had been criminally detained for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” in Jiaxing City Detention Center, and asked the family to sign.

The family asked, “What does this mean? Is there any evidence?”

The police replied, “I don’t need to tell you whether there is evidence or not.”

Family members: “You have evidence that you detained I have nothing to say, you do not have is not enough evidence, the release of people.”

Police officer: “I just came to tell you the crime, your father is detained according to the law. I don’t need to tell you why. This is criminal.”

Family member: “At the beginning it was a security summons, why didn’t you say (criminal) at the beginning?”

Police officer: “Did I come at the beginning? I’m telling you now is in accordance with the criminal procedure law to notify, are you willing to sign?”

Family members: “You are handling the case illegally, no evidence to detain people.”

The family does not sign, the police went away in a fit of rage.

The reporter called Jiaxing City Public Security Bureau Development Zone Branch of the Chengnan Police Station, but could not dial.

To the family of Liang Xiwen summons card. (Provided by the interviewee)

Family members may be pressured not to accept the interview

On the afternoon of May 16, the reporter contacted Liang Xiwen’s son, it was nearly 5:00 pm, he told the reporter to go to the police station, later.

At 8 p.m., the reporter contacted Liang Xifen’s son again, but he had just returned home from the police station, when his family stopped him from speaking to the public. The interview was therefore cancelled.

Talking about the agreement to fool the visitors

Wang Jing tweeted on June 4, saying, “The main reason for Jiaxing police to criminally detain Liang Xiwen is because he was the first to expose the truth about the self-immolation of petitioners in front of the State Bureau of Letters and Visits on the 12th, which caused a great deal of repercussions at home and abroad.”

Wang Jing said, “The second reason is that the Jiaxing authorities are likely to take the opportunity of ‘the Ministry of Public Security’s pursuit and arrest’ to take advantage of people’s danger and force Liang Xiwen to give up the previously negotiated agreement to compensate and restrain his petition on condition of restricting his personal freedom.”

In March 2014, Wang Jing, who served as a Skynet volunteer, had been arrested and subsequently detained shortly after exposing the self-immolation of petitioners in front of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, also with the police refusing to inform him of the reasons for his detention and even refusing to allow lawyers to intervene. The police refused to inform him of the reasons for his detention, and even refused to allow his lawyer to intervene. The police also negotiated a deal with Wang Jing in the same way, and finally attempted to use the “confession of guilt and freedom” as a quid pro quo before sentencing, forcing Wang Jing to give up all compensation and accountability.