Ma Yili apologized on the hot search Netflix milk tea store hired people to counterfeit the case involving 700 million

On April 28, 2011, Ma Yili and her ex-husband article attended the Beijing Film Festival.

Ma Yili, a well-known actress in China, was caught by the police after she hired someone to cheat her ex-husband to get more than 700 million RMB for the brand of milk tea “Chazilan”. A few days ago, Ma Yili publicly apologized for this on her microblog, which made her the number one search engine and caused widespread public concern.

On May 15, Ma Yili’s studio issued a statement on microblogging, saying that due to negligence, the verification of the brand “Chazilan” was not comprehensive and detailed enough, and has now terminated the contract with the brand. And said, will assist the deceived franchisees to defend their rights.

Ma Yili then forwarded a statement and apologized: “I’m very sorry, as the brand’s previous spokesman, I once again apologize to the victims of the franchisees.”

Ma Yili’s apology shot to the top of the microblogging hot search list that day, sparking a lot of debate on the internet about the celebrity effect. Many victims said that it was because they believed Ma Yili that they joined the brand.

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Ma Yili had “tea Zhilan” endorsement, involved in Shanghai’s first case of “set to join” milk tea store contract fraud, the amount involved in more than 700 million yuan. According to the police disclosure, “tea Zilan” at a price ranging from 40 to 80 yuan per person per day, employing hundreds of people every day posing as consumers, queuing up in front of the milk tea store in a circular manner to create the illusion of a booming business and attract franchisees.

In order to obtain the trust of the franchisee, the suspects also forged a number of brand authorization instruments, and design and print a large number of promotional materials.

In the franchisee to pay the franchise fee, the criminal gang by delaying the store location time, looking at the map random site selection, raise the purchase price of decoration, the supply of raw materials to substandard and other ways of negative performance, directly leading to a large number of franchises operating miserably or even closed down.

A “tea Zhilan” milk tea Hebei Langfang franchise owner told Lu media reporter, he invested more than 100,000 yuan before and after, are parents saved savings. Now he is very shocked to learn the news, currently want to get back the franchise fee, but do not know what to do.

Other victims said that after joining the “tea Zilan”, from the opening in March until now, basically every day is losing money.

A victim of Ms. Gao said that the milk tea store was only open for three months and then closed, because the turnover of a day to sell more than 200 yuan.

The Shanghai police said that “Chazilan” is only one of the more than 50 Netflix brands operated by the fraud gang, and the milk tea of “Chazilan” is also fake, and the milk tea that the fraud gang gave to the victim franchisees to try was purchased from well-known brands under false pretenses.

In December 2020, Shanghai police found that a large number of milk tea store franchisees were at risk of “abnormal closure” and might be suspected of economic crimes. On March 23 this year, the police arrested a total of more than 90 suspects in a fraudulent gang led by Jin and Wang, and the case is still under further investigation.