Liaoning, Anhui outbreak of aggregated epidemic, many officials held accountable

Epidemic prevention personnel in Anhui Province are spraying disinfectant.

China Anhui, Liaoning and other places in the Communist Party of China virus epidemic outbreak again, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, Anhui Province, Liuan City and many other officials were held accountable for ineffective prevention and control of the epidemic.

According to the website of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Liaoning Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control General Command Office issued a notice that a number of officials were held accountable for “failure to implement the responsibility of first consultation and ineffective supervision” for the recent aggregated epidemic in Yingkou City’s Mackerel Circle District.

Among them, the Liaoning Provincial Health Committee deputy secretary of the party group, deputy director Song Liangwei; Yingkou City Government Deputy Mayor Jin Li; Meng Xin, deputy secretary of the Mackerel circle district party committee and district governor; Wang Chengcheng, director of the Yingkou City Health Committee, were admonished for talking; Mackerel circle deputy mayor Li Hongyang was disciplined and removed from office.

Other municipal and district officials in the city were disciplined to varying degrees, including warnings or removal from office. Li Bo’s clinic, where the outbreak occurred, was also shut down and Li Bo’s license to practice was revoked.

In addition, according to the Office of the Comprehensive Command of Epidemic Control in Lu’an City, Anhui Province, on the 16th, the preliminary treatment of the relevant units and individuals in the city’s Yu’an District for violating the first consultation responsibility system was proposed, and the Liuan Municipal Hospital was ordered to shut down and rectify, the main officials of the Yu’an District Health and Wellness Committee were suspended for investigation, and the Yu’an District Committee and District Government were ordered to make a profound inspection.

It is reported that the city of Lu’an is still investigating other medical institutions and personnel involved in the confirmed cases. The main official of the city’s Discipline Inspection Commission is the head of the group, and a special supervision team has been set up to hold officials accountable for their ineffective performance and inadequate measures to prevent and control the epidemic.

Anhui and Liaoning since May 13, after the outbreak of local confirmed cases, 15, Anhui and Liaoning has 12 areas listed as medium risk, the CPC National Health Commission has sent a team of experts then to the two places, to guide the development of traceability investigation, nucleic acid testing, community prevention and control and hospital prevention and control.

The Beijing CDC announced on the 15th that the Anhui case was determined to have 28 close contacts in Beijing and 167 close contacts with close contacts; 195 people in total. In addition, close contacts of the confirmed Anhui case were also found in Enshi, Hubei and Rizhao, Shandong.

The National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China informed on the 16th that in the past 24 hours, 25 new cases were confirmed, 8 in Zhejiang, 6 in Shanghai, 4 in Guangdong, 1 in Hunan, 1 in Sichuan, 3 in Liaoning and 2 in Anhui. In other words, the CCP virus outbreak has spread rapidly throughout China.

As the CCP deliberately hides the epidemic, the epidemic in the mainland is not transparent, and local officials hide the real situation for fear of losing their posts, outsiders believe that CCP officials may assess that the epidemic cannot be covered up anymore, so they start to pave the way for public opinion. The real situation is probably already very serious.

It is currently in the midst of the second wave of a major outbreak in India. On the eve of May 1, CDC chief expert Wu Zunyou warned at a press conference on April 29 that Indian mutant strains had been detected in some Chinese cities, but he did not disclose which Chinese cities had seen Indian mutant strains.

According to the Chinese authorities, there were 20 new confirmed cases around the country on April 28, including 10 cases from the Hong Kong cargo ship “Huayang Chaoyang”, which had been berthed in India, announced the Zhejiang Health Care Commission.

After the “May Day” holiday, the CDC, the Health and Welfare Commission and Premier Li Keqiang released warnings about the epidemic in early May. Li Keqiang repeatedly hinted that “the epidemic is not transparent” and “places are under-reporting”, seemingly coincidentally foreshadowing a new round of outbreaks.