Another barrage! The United States proposes to impose sanctions on this Chinese project

Europe and the United States recently for the issue of human rights in Xinjiang, not hesitating to bar China, recently the U.S. presidential climate envoy John Kerry (John Kerry) revealed that the Biden administration is now considering to China’s Xinjiang production of solar panels, as well as other forced labor production of parts to sanctions.

The Xinjiang cotton incident broke out in March this year, and now solar panels made in Xinjiang may again become a project sanctioned by the United States. On Wednesday (12) Kerry said at a House hearing that the White House believes that some of the solar panels produced in Xinjiang, as well as the rare earth minerals used to make solar panels, may be the result of forced labor of Uighurs.

Kerry noted that the Biden administration is considering sanctions against China because the issue of forced labor in Xinjiang, China, has allowed China to have a strong position in solar panels, and one of the U.S. climate policies is to buy solar panels from China, so this has become a problem.

Kerry also said bluntly that the Biden administration would not rely on “the rhetoric of one party” to ensure that China fulfills its climate commitments, and that it would be foolish for the United States to unilaterally trust China. And according to a supply chain traceability report released last week by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the content should help solar companies avoid “suspected forced labor and unethical labor practices” of energy products.