Zhao Liying for the first time to face the problem of divorce was exploded because of old illness led to marriage

Recently, Zhao Liying took part in a rare live broadcast of a brand, which aroused the attention of fans and netizens. After all, after the divorce, she seldom face the camera directly, and everyone is very interested in knowing her recent situation. The day’s Zhao Liying a black hair to the waist, wearing a cream dress, the whole person looks very gentle and generous, temperament has also improved a lot.

In the course of the live broadcast, Zhao Liying and the host interaction is also very tacit understanding, during which was also asked a sensitive topic. The host asked her in a double entendre: How do you face the changes that happen in your life? The question obviously refers to the previous divorce incident. She responded with a witty answer, quoting the famous words of “Nezha”: “My life is up to me, not the sky”. The meaning of Zhao Liying’s words is obvious, it can be seen that the divorce is something she decided after careful consideration, and the future will not regret it. As a small actress from the runway, Zhao Liying looks very cute on the surface, but in fact, she is quite opinionated inside, and does things in a straightforward manner.

After the divorce with Feng Shaofeng, Zhao Liying quickly moved out of the other party’s mansion, but also took a lot of luggage in a big bag, without any interaction with the other party during the period. The admirable thing is that she has always been very hardworking and did not sulk because of the wedding, but continued to work hard, first recorded a variety show, and then the official announcement of the brand endorsement, and now on live, can be said to be very busy. However, Zhao Liying is so busy is also the fans and netizens hope to see, after all, when the divorce, many people said they would prefer to see her focus on career. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

Before, Zhao Liying after the divorce of the fine-tuned picture looked in pretty good shape, the whole person seems to have undergone a radical change. But after seeing the live, she is slightly haggard, especially on both sides of the cheeks has been completely without the former full state, the whole person looks very haggard. It is true that after having a child, Zhao Liying has lost a lot of weight, the fine lines on her face have also become more, but her temperament is more imperial, completely removed from the former appearance of a young girl. A few days ago, she was photographed at the airport back, was found even pants are big one, from the back with a pin to fix, ant waist is really true to its name.

However, there are also netizens revealed that Zhao Liying is because of the physical problems that triggered the marriage. It turns out that before she was very hard at the time of filming, many fight scenes are personally on the battlefield, resulting in the body fell old disease. Later, because of childbirth, the body is slow to recover, the whole person naturally looks very weak. This netizen also revealed that she had a general relationship with her mother-in-law, so she endured humiliation in her marriage and eventually chose to divorce.

The actual reason why Zhao Liying chose to get divorced is unknown to us, perhaps it is really just because the couple is getting together too much. In fact, she and Feng Shaofeng together when many people are not optimistic, one because the man’s love history is too much, the second because Zhao Liying’s character is supposed to be strong. The two are not compatible with each other regardless of appearance or personality, and it is inevitable that problems will be exposed after the marriage. However, although Zhao Liying divorced, but has become a role model for many people, after all, now she dares to face the self, not willing to compromise to anyone, this independent spirit is worth learning!