The U.S. stopped issuing visas to four categories of Chinese Communists, the party media high-profile netizens ruthlessly acid

The U.S. has suspended visas for four categories of Chinese Communist Party members and their families, and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying’s high-profile attack on the U.S. has led to heated debate among mainland netizens.

Radio Free Asia reported that a study abroad company recently handled the denial of a visa to the U.S. for the children of a low-ranking public security officer. The company disclosed that the U.S. visa officer said in the denial note, “This is in light of the U.S. Secretary of State’s directive to stop issuing visas to active duty personnel of China’s Immigration Bureau, Ministry of State Security, Ministry of Public Security, etc., and their spouses and children. “

But the U.S. Embassy in Beijing denied the claim that it was because his father is a police officer.

And Chinese Communist Party Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying recently confirmed in high profile the U.S. denial of visas to four categories of people and their families, and criticized the U.S., “This is a good example” that proves the U.S. is “artificially undermining normal personnel exchanges between China and the U.S.” for political reasons. “This is not conducive to the healthy and normal development of relations between China and the United States.”

Phoenix recently reposted an article from Beijing Youth Daily titled “U.S. Stops Issuing Visas to Children of Active Duty Personnel of China’s Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Public Security, etc.? The Foreign Ministry responded”, which was followed by tens of thousands of comments, with mainland netizens mostly reacting coldly and seemingly happily.

From the response, most netizens do not seem to blame the U.S., because the Sino-U.S. relationship has been such a pattern for several years and is getting more and more tense, so what is the use of blaming the U.S.? The spearhead seems to have turned, to Hua Chunying said “not conducive to the normal development of relations between China and the United States” expressed incomprehension: have not been exchanged, who destroyed the exchange of people between the two countries?

Anti-US frontline party leaders should not go to the United States should praise the United States

“Still going to the United States? The United States is already the enemy. Do not go, normal, go, abnormal.”

“Really want to understand, Nima are saying that the U.S. empire wolf ambition, why you guys and go to the U.S. it ……”

“Today is still the same as the old days? Chairman Mao did not go abroad to study, but also liberate China? While telling others to boycott, while they go to embrace, what is this tawdry operation?”

“Secondly it seems difficult to understand the leading cadres, party members, political and legal cadres themselves and their children and their families also have to go to the United States, they should not that stand in the front line of anti-American?”

“The Chinese Communist Party teaches people every day that the United States is fake democracy and fake freedom, why do senior officials still compete to send their children to the United States? People are not welcome in the United States and still scold the streets?”

“I think the U.S. is doing the right thing, the spouses of children of party, government and military workers should not go to the U.S.. What if they are turned against them or taken hostage?”

“Can they be absolutely loyal to the party if they go to the U.S.?”

“As family members of government agencies should consciously have political awareness beyond the average person and fight resolutely against the U.S. Empire, why should they pay to study in the U.S. Empire? Why do they have to complain about the U.S. Empire’s failure to grant visas?”

“This U.S. did the right thing, praise. For the comrades or not to go abroad will not cause a riot, worth promoting.”

“Good stop, why do the children of these people have to go to send money in such a pair of fighting inches. Especially to go to undergraduate studies. Pissed off.”

“China can announce that all civil servants, employees of state-owned enterprises and their families are not allowed to immigrate to the U.S. Pissed off Americans.”

Go to the United States to learn science and technology

However, some netizens believe that it is still important to study in the United States, not only because the Chinese have an American dream of the problem, to go to the United States is to learn the science and technology of others:.

“If Qian Xuesen, Deng Jiaxian they did not go to the United States, the two bombs and one star what to get?”

“The world’s top ten schools, there are no Chinese schools. That is to say, it is necessary to go out and learn many excellent things from others, do not be arrogant at night, and there is nothing wrong with returning from learning and contributing to the country.”

“How much of the modern world civilization was invented by our dynasty? Like cell phones, computers, airplanes, trains, ships, refrigerators, air conditioners, flush toilets, etc., find out for yourself.”

“Sino-American relations have tended to be tense in recent years. According to statistics, Chinese students are the largest group of students from various countries studying in the U.S., with the number of Chinese students currently exceeding 370,000.”

The U.S. has accused the Chinese Communist Party of using the “Thousand Talents Program” to require study abroad students to steal U.S. technology. Last May, several Chinese scholars were arrested in the U.S. for hiding their military backgrounds. Since then, about a thousand Chinese students and researchers have had their visas revoked.

Recently, a Chinese-American professor in Ohio, Songguo Zheng, 58, was sentenced to 37 months in prison after being accused of making false statements to federal authorities about his close ties to the Chinese Communist Party and committing immunology research funding fraud, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday (14) on its official website.