SNH48 Liu Liqian hospitalized to prepare for surgery after previously vomiting blood during a live broadcast

SNH48 group member Liu Liqian released a video on Weibo to give fans a safe report. She revealed that she has been hospitalized and is currently living in the corridor temporarily because of the tight bed space but her condition is rather urgent. Liu Liqian said she is going to have surgery next week, she will treat herself well, I hope everyone will not worry.

SNH48 group member Liu Liqian had previously vomited blood during a live broadcast, and later posted that she was diagnosed with mucinous liposarcoma. And earlier, Liu Liqian had also revealed that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and the only two people in the family were patients. For this consideration, she did not want to undergo treatment at first, but with the guidance of her teammates, she is now in the hospital and preparing for surgery.

Fans have also left messages below Liu Liqian’s microblog to give her encouragement, wishing her a speedy recovery and waiting for the day to come when she returns.