Melinda has received $3 billion after announcing her divorce from Bill Gates

14, the former world’s richest couple Bill Gates divorce case held the first hearing, divorce judgment date to April 2022, involving the division of $ 140 billion. May 15, Gates investment company Cascade Investment to Melinda’s name transferred 2.25 million shares of Deere Group, worth about $ 851 million, plus the previous Gates gift to Melinda Coca-Cola Vanessa Bottling and other company shares, the total value has exceeded $3 billion.

Recently, the divorce of Bill Gates has sparked a global debate. According to foreign media reports, in the 27-year-long marriage between Gates and his ex-wife, Bill Gates would go out on vacation dates with his ex-girlfriend alone every year, and this was allowed by his wife Melinda.

According to the Daily Mail, the place where Bill Gates met his ex-girlfriend Winblad after his marriage is located in a 1,440-square-foot (about 134 square meters) beach house in Carola, North Carolina. The house was built in 1982 and has been listed for rent since 2016 at roughly $600 per day.

Bill Gates and his ex-girlfriend Ann Winblad, who is five years older than him, reportedly started dating in 1984 and broke up in 1987, the same year he met his wife Melinda.

Back in 1997, Bill Gates was interviewed and said that back then, when he wanted to marry Melinda, he consulted his ex-girlfriend and “she agreed!”

For decades after all three parties reached a tacit agreement, Bill Gates would often visit his ex-girlfriend’s home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, where they spent many good hours together riding dirt bikes, skating, and walking on the beach. In addition to dating privately, the two began working on public projects together as a career alliance in 1999.