No tears! California woman washes bad $26 million lottery ticket unclaimed prize money will be transferred to charity

The SuperLotto Plus lottery in California, USA was held last November and the jackpot worth US$26 million (about NT$720 million) went unclaimed. According to local media reports, the winner is suspected to be a woman who accidentally threw the lottery ticket into a washing machine causing damage, and because it was difficult to prove she won, the $19.7 million (about NT$560 million) from the prize will be donated to a state school.

The lottery ticket was purchased at a convenience store in a Los Angeles suburb on Nov. 14 last year, and the winning amount was $19.7 million (up to $26 million if claimed in installments), with the claim date ending on May 13 this year. The store clerk revealed that the person who bought the lottery ticket was a woman who recently came to the store claiming that the lottery ticket was accidentally put in the washing machine.

The California Lottery SuperEnalotto, through a spokesperson, said that the woman’s win could not be confirmed by the convenience store’s monitor screen alone, and that other proof, such as a copy of the front and back of the lottery ticket or a photo, must be attached; if the woman gives up her claim, $19.7 million of the prize money will be donated to the local public schools.

It is reported that the last time a similar incident occurred was in 2015, when the prize money had even accumulated to US$63 million (about US$1,762.36 million).