The epidemic is out of control! Indian banking industry: more than 1,000 staff died from the new crown pneumonia infection

More than 1,000 employees in the local banking industry have died from Newcastle pneumonia (a Chinese communist virus), with many more infected, underscoring the seriousness of the outbreak, the foreign news agency said, citing Indian banking industry groups.

We have lost more than 1,000 colleagues,” said S. Nagarajan, secretary-general of the All India Bank Officers’ Association (AIBOA), adding that “bank staff are front-line employees and the virus has affected them.

C.H. Venkatachalam, general secretary of the All India Bank Employees Association, India’s largest bank employees’ group, revealed on a website that 1,200 employees had died from the new coronary pneumonia virus. It also said that not all banks are disclosing details or compensating the families of the deceased.

The epidemic is spreading rapidly in India, and most areas are under lockdown and home detention orders, but the banking sector is characterized as an essential service industry and is not affected by the lockdown to a certain extent.