Florida governor on successful epidemic preparedness: No superstitious experts making tough decisions for the people

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Wednesday, May 12, talked about his “secret” to success in Florida’s epidemic preparedness, which is to not subject policy to so-called expert opinion, to not believe media propaganda, to reject false claims and to be able to make tough decisions.

DeSantis said this in an interview with the host of the Newsmax TV show “Spicer & Co. He spoke about how Florida has always prioritized the safety of seniors when considering reopening Florida businesses and schools. He said, “We were the first state to put seniors first for vaccinations, and that actually goes against the CDC’s recommendations.”

While the U.S. health agency claims it is “unfair to vaccinate seniors first because they are “not diverse enough,” DeSantis said his job is to save lives, which is why he gets vaccines to seniors as fast as possible.

He also cited a number of other decisions taken in response to the CDC virus outbreak, “We were the first state to protect nursing homes, we were the first state to say we’re going back to school, we’re going back to work. All of those decisions were the right ones, and all of them went against what most bureaucrats and ‘experts’ said.”

He argued that Florida’s response to the CCP virus outbreak is rooted in the fact that the CCP virus is affecting seniors who need protection, while at the same time, he doesn’t want to shut down schools at the expense of the younger generation or close businesses to hurt people’s livelihoods. He said, “A leader has to recognize what’s happening in society and all the factors that are causing the problem and then make your decisions.” Conversely, some politicians may feel politically safer “hiding behind health bureaucrats,” but that’s not what the people’s elected officials are supposed to do.

Commenting on lifting the Florida embargo, DeSantis said Florida’s 4.7 percent unemployment rate is well below the national average of 6 percent. Florida would also add 10,000 jobs if the cruise ship industry were allowed to reopen.

He also noted that Florida, unlike many other states, never closed churches or places of worship during the Communist virus pandemic. He slammed states that closed churches but opened casinos or liquor stores. “We rely on faith communities to promote what’s right for Florida. The future of Florida is going to be really bright after coming out of the Communist virus pandemic.”

DeSantis concluded by saying that he won the governorship by just a half-point margin in the 2018 election. If a Democrat had won the office then, Florida “would have turned into a complete disaster.” “Kids would be locked out of schools, nursing homes would be unprotected, unemployment would be high. I’ve worked harder than any governor, and I will continue to work harder than any governor.” He said.

On Wednesday, May 12, DeSantis announced that he would pardon a Florida couple who ran a gym, the Daily Mail reported. The couple had been arrested four times, all for refusing to enforce rules restricting the Chinese Communist virus at their gym. He promised that all Floridians charged for the restriction of the CCP virus rule would receive probation.

Florida is the first state in the nation to issue such a pardon.