U.S. host makes a shocking statement: no vaccination is a Russian agent

Governments across the U.S. are pulling out all the stops to attract people to get the new crown vaccine. But at the same time, some U.S. media members have noticed some hysteria in American society over the outbreak. On the May 12, 2021 broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox, host Tucker Carlson addressed the issue.

The show said a group of people gathered in Santa Ana, California, two days ago to protest the “vaccine passport” program because Orange County is creating a database of residents who have received the new crown vaccine. And an Orange County official unabashedly scorned the protesters: “They don’t believe in vaccines.”

The program points out that there do seem to be millions of Americans who don’t believe the New Crown vaccine actually works. If you ask 100 Americans, “Do you think the COVID vaccine works?” About 99 people would say, “Yes it works.” The reason for saying this may be that one does not want to be punished for having the wrong opinion, nor does one want to be fired or ostracized.

But the results would have been different if the question had been posed more subtly in a less direct way, as a MorningConsult poll found that Americans who had been vaccinated against the new crown were more afraid of going outside than those who had not been vaccinated. Only a quarter of vaccinated U.S. adults said they would be willing to attend a work meeting or enter a gym; only 24 percent would take the bus; less than half would rent a car alone; and only 34 percent would attend a party. Only 17 percent of them would dare to take a boat trip.

In response, Carlson, the show’s anchor, believes that these people are absolutely terrified of getting a new crown, but that they have all been vaccinated. Clearly, according to this poll, many Americans who have been vaccinated do not really believe in the effectiveness of the New Crown vaccine, and the issue has gone beyond science to mass hysteria, with many Americans unable to think clearly because they are too scared (of the outbreak).

Carlson said he saw a similar problem from an interview with Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. Earlier in the interview Ron Johnson said, “People should respect the freedom of others in their ability to choose whether or not to be vaccinated …… My concern now is that they’re trying to push it on children and they’re not in a position of informed consent.”

In response, NBC program host Brian Williams commented, “I know very intelligent, well-educated, visceral people who have knowingly or unknowingly become Russian agents in American society.”

In response, Carlson lamented, “Even on the advice of a doctor, if one chooses not to be vaccinated, is that a Russian agent, a traitor working for Putin, a traitor working for a foreign country? That was the famous Mr. BrianWilliam himself, America’s last living show host, the voice of reason, the one who tells the facts calmly. Unfortunately, he’s gone mad, like so many others.”

Carlson also noted that in addition to the “Russian agent” narrative, there have been calls on CNN to arrest people who are unvaccinated and want to enter public buildings, concluding by mocking the phenomenon: “Maybe in the future everyone in America who has a different opinion will be called Russian, Russian, Russian. Maybe in the future everyone in America who has a different opinion will be called a Russian, or Chinese, or Syrian agent.”