Huang Qi’s mother is seriously ill, and the Chinese Communist Party is suppressing Skynet volunteers.

For months, human rights activists have been appealing for them, but the authorities have ignored them.

“Ms. Pu Wenqing, the mother of Huang Qi, the founder of June 4, told SkyNet’s citizen reporter Wang Jing on May 15 that she had been hospitalized for more than half a month because her condition had worsened, and that she was unable to contact the outside world because she had no means of communication, and that she could only report to her friends who cared about her after she was discharged from the hospital.

Skynet volunteer group suppressed and separated

Huang Qi was sentenced to 12 years in prison for “leaking secrets” by the Chinese Communist authorities. Wang Jing has been appealing and rescuing Huang Qi since he was imprisoned, and he has been caring for Huang’s mother as if she were his own mother. However, those friends who could help Huang Qi and his mother were seen as a thorn in the side of the Sichuan authorities, and they even separated Wang Jing from the party, threatening that her association with them would be detrimental to her claims.

According to Wang Jing, “Some people were also directly warned: they cannot participate in anything related to Huang Qi, or they will be pursued or have their pensions deducted, etc.”

In early February, Wang Jing appealed for donations for Pu Wenqing and Huang Qi in prison in the WeChat “Pu Wenqing Concern Group,” but failed to get a response from anyone in the group.

Wang Jing said, “Recently, some informants revealed that many visitors in this group were warned by the local police that they should not communicate with me because ‘Wang Jing is an anti-party (Communist Party of China) member’, and if you still want to solve your personal demands, you cannot be anti-party. “

At the same time, Wu Youming, a volunteer in Hubei’s Wuxiang rights group, was detained on Feb. 10 when he went to the Qinglin police station, where he is registered, to get back his ID card, and was arrested on March 18 on suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble. He was arrested on March 18 on suspicion of “provocation and nuisance” and is currently detained at the Wuxiang City Detention Center.

The disease is aggravated by restrictions on movement

Pu Wenqing, 87, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for “leaking” information about her son, Huang Qi, but instead of the public prosecutor’s office handling the case, she has been subjected to endless repression and restrictions on her freedom. During this period her health deteriorated, suffering from more than a dozen diseases, all incurable, and a lung tumor that had spread beyond control.

Pu Wenqing told Wang Jing, “Because I caught a cold four times a month, there was no way out, I had to catch a cold even when I took a bath and changed my clothes. I was hospitalized at West China Hospital because of bad kidney function, and this time my liver function is also bad and swollen. The result of the examination was that the disease on the lungs had not improved at all. There is still as much disease on the lungs, pain all over the body, pain in the chest, and blood coming out.”

During her stay at West China Hospital, doctors gave Pu Wenqing a kidney checkup, and according to her, some of the tests were new, a low resistance and poor immunity; a series of tests were also done on blood, and some indicators were not normal. But the hospital only consultation, did not specify how to treat the problem, to her own outpatient clinics after discharge to find experts to register and then see.

Pu Wenqing said, “I have registered for the specialist clinic on the 19th, my pernicious anemia indicators and September 2020 than, all the indicators have dropped. So, it’s a problem with the blood system, and I don’t know what makes all the pernicious anemia indicators abnormal.”

Finally, Pu Wenqing said, “Because I go in a hurry every time I see a doctor, there are some things I can’t disclose, so please understand and forgive me! You also know my current situation.”

Wang Jing said, “I can feel the helplessness of Ms. Pu Wenqing’s movement being restricted by people!”

She used to call every once in a while to check on Pu Wenqing’s condition. This time she told the Epoch Times that she “will find time to call and care for Grandma Pu.”

Recently, Gui Wenyuan has been suffering from the repression of her rights by the local authorities, and has no time to call and care for Pu Wenqing. This may be a common tactic of the Chinese Communist Party to make everyone feel self-conscious, so that they do not care about Huang Qi’s mother and son.