Dogcoin co-founder blasts Musk: selfish liar!

Ma’s “operation” also really let the people do not understand, he announced a while Tesla accept bitcoin payments, and then withdrew, saying that energy consumption is too large. Interestingly, in the first quarter of this year, Tesla made $100 million buying bitcoin.

Musk’s announcement that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin payments angered Dogcoin co-founder

Jackson Palmer tweeted on Thursday, May 13, that Musk has always been a selfish liar and will remain so in the future. But he quickly deleted the tweet.

Musk’s “trolling” is really unintelligible, as he announced one moment that Tesla would accept bitcoin payments, and then withdrew it, saying it was too energy intensive.

This week, Musk continuously questioned Bitcoin’s energy consumption. Tesla CEO Musk suddenly announced on social media after the market hours on Wednesday, EST: “Tesla has called a halt to buying cars with Bitcoin. We are concerned that bitcoin mining and trading is causing the consumption of fossil fuels, especially coal, to skyrocket, and coal is the worst impact of all fossil fuel emissions.”

The comments came as most digital currencies, including bitcoin and dogcoin, quickly sank.

On Thursday Musk said again, “I still believe in cryptocurrencies, but it doesn’t rationalize the massive use of fossil fuels, especially coal.”

But he started endorsing dogcoin again, saying he was working with dogcoin developers to “improve the efficiency of the system’s transactions,” which could be promising.

After this tweet, dogcoin shot up 20%.

Before that, the dogcoin crashed more than 30% because of his comment. Musk called dogcoin a “scam” during his guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Dogcoin was founded in 2013 by former IBM engineer Marcus and Adobe software engineer Palmer, and while Dogcoin was unknown and worthless at the end of 2020, it is now the fourth largest cryptocurrency and has risen more than 100 times this year.

A single word from Musk triggered significant fluctuations in the digital currency, and interestingly enough, Tesla made $100 million buying bitcoin in the first quarter of this year.