Son Ye-jin in a black dress crying red eyes and Lee Byung-hun sadly appeared at the farewell ceremony of the big names

Son Ye Jin cried until her eyes were red and swollen at Lee Pile Won’s farewell ceremony. (Taken from Korean website)

The famous film producer Lee Choon-Yuan, who produced the classic Korean horror film “The Girl’s High Adventure”, unfortunately passed away at home after attending the Asiana International Short Film Festival on the 11th of this month at the age of 69 with heart paralysis. “The scene is solemn and sad.

Lee Choon Yoon, a famous producer in Korean film industry, collapsed at home on the 11th of this month due to heart paralysis and was later taken to the hospital, but still failed to wake up at the age of 69. He was a graduate of the drama and film department of Central University and had worked quietly in the film industry for 40 years, producing more than 50 films such as the “Female High Adventure” series and Park Chan-wook’s “The Three Stooges”, etc. His death also made Korean filmmakers feel extra sad, sorrowfully saying, “A big star in the film industry has perished!”

Son Ye-jin and Lee Byung-hun looked sorrowful. (Taken from

Lee Byung-hun had worked with Lee Choon-Yeon movie “poisoning”, he said sadly at the farewell ceremony, Lee Choon-Yeon and he went through more than 30 years of acting life, like a huge three, and not just in the past, “my heart will never change, now can not meet with him again, this reality is very sad, so sad, too bad, you would have to be in the next 10 years, 20 years I respect and love you very much and really appreciate you”.

Kim Yubin was in tears. (taken from Korean website)

The popularity of the Korean actress Sun Ye-jin, who climbed to the top again with the TV series “Love’s Landing”, was sad to spill tears at the farewell ceremony, and the mask could not cover her red eyes. The actress Kim Ok-bin, who has performed in “Female High Adventure 4: The Voice”, also cried and became a tearful person, which made people feel painful.