Fukuhara Ai’s attitude towards divorce 180 degree change, Japanese experts: two people simply can not leave

Recently, the divorce of Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie has attracted much attention. Earlier, a weekly magazine broke the news that the original positive want to divorce Ai Fukuhara, recently a 180-degree change in attitude, was asked “when to return to Taiwan” did not respond, resulting in the two sides to delay the negotiations again and again, so that Jiang Hongjie quite dissatisfied. Japanese marriage expert Ikeguchi Hiromi 15 said bluntly that Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie can not divorce, but also pointed out that the reason in Jiang Hongjie will be in order to maintain economic conditions, choose to live with Ai Fukuhara as a separated couple, resulting in Ai Fukuhara difficult to divorce.

Fukuhara Ai was exploded for divorce attitude, from the beginning of the positive forced to leave, to now be asked when to return to Taiwan to negotiate, it is playing dumb has read not back to bring the past, it is rumored that Fukuhara Ai is busy dealing with the property in Japan, which led to the two sides to delay negotiations again and again. However, according to media reports, marriage expert Ikeguchi Hiromi said bluntly that Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie look simply not divorced into marriage. If Ai Fukuhara had not been photographed incestuously, divorce would not have been a loss for her, but because of her financial situation is far better than Jiang Hongjie, she can raise her children and start over. It is roughly estimated that Ai Fukuhara is worth at least 1 billion yen, and her annual income before marriage is 37 times that of Jiang Hongjie. Ikenai Hiromi believes that Jiang Hongjie will eventually choose to be a long-distance couple with Ai Fukuhara in order to maintain financial stability, and raise the child himself. And Fukuhara Ai is because involved in the relationship between the difference between the marriage and cross-border marriage, than the general difference between the marriage is more difficult for the woman to get out.