Hong Kong star Chen Jierong died at the age of 38 after a 9-month battle with cancer.

Former TVB entertainer Chan Jack Wing died this morning at the age of 38 after a long illness. (taken from the Facebook page)

Former TVB artist Jeff Chen (Jeff) was confirmed to have stage 4 lung cancer in August last year, he said he did not smoke or drink, when the tumor was discovered it had grown to 6 centimeters and showed signs of spreading. However, Chen Zhirong never gave up hope and actively fought against the disease, but his official Facebook page announced the sad news today (15), saying that Chen Zhirong has been accompanied by his family this morning, temporarily leaving us to return home to heaven at the age of 38.

The love of acting Chen Jirong, has been actively facing cancer, but the cost of anti-cancer drugs is huge, resulting in his financial constraints, there is not enough money to pay for treatment, so he had to shoot a film in March this year to the outside world for help, and the King of Kings Aaron Kwok learned, and donated 100,000 Hong Kong dollars, hoping to help Chen Jirong through the difficult times.

Chen Jirong girlfriend has always been by his side. (taken from the video)

However, Chen Jirong eventually still can not fight the disease, died this morning at the age of 38. Jeff was a gentle warrior, he was brave and resolute and fought until the end, he once said: ‘I am so lucky to have many friends around me to fight with me, whether I overcome or not. I hope to enrich everyone with my strength! Now he is no longer in pain! Once again, thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! His love and spirit will always live on in our hearts!”

Chen Jirong was interviewed before his death, and his thin appearance, tormented by the disease, was disheartening. (From the Facebook page)

Since his cancer, Chen has been actively treated, but his condition is recurring, and he has been tortured by the hard treatment process to the point of losing weight. Fortunately, Chen Zhirong has a group of friends and girlfriend of 10 years support, so he was moved to say a lot of feelings in the heart, “really grateful, so grateful, I have these lovely family.”