65-year-old Liu Xiaoqing “mask face” fire … ear and mouth flush

Recently well-known actress Liu Xiaoxing appeared in the park to shoot a video, wearing a black hat, cardigan sweater, to share their life experience. From the video can be seen that she is in good shape, the skin is fair and translucent young, makeup is very delicate, the mouth said “this life and then the big things, are at the mercy of others”, seems to look down on life.

The side view of her face is very smooth, but her mouth is a bit crooked, plastic surgery traces are obvious, two eyes and eyebrows are different in height, very awkward. Liu Xiaoxing plastic surgery is known to everyone, but did not expect to rectify to this extent, the good thing is that the skin condition is very good, not at all like 65 years old. Morning walks to the park are painted with delicate makeup, it seems that usually life is also a person who lives a very delicate life, this state of life is still very good.

She often uses her hands to cover her ears in the video and can see that her ears are very strange, the lower end of her ears are already flush with her mouth, others’ ears are dumplings, her ears are like big steamed dumplings. The shape is also very strange, the ear tips are a bit windy ears, no earlobes, the whole thing is attached to the face, the whole face looks like a “mask”, the ears are like fake, I am a bit questioning whether this is her own ears, not because of some reason, do the fake it.

But on second thought, how can doing fake ones be so weird? It seems that the plastic surgery is too excessive, resulting in ear deformation, and her previous photos to do a comparison, it is obvious to see. Some time ago, a netizen posted a raw picture of her attending an event, the state is very different from the video, the skin is dull and loose, really no one can withstand the test of age.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. But because of tax evasion went to jail, which made her whole life has changed forever, no longer is everyone praised before the good actress, but in the end in the help of friends successfully released from prison, this experience has become a big stain on her life. The video also shows her attitude towards life, as the video says she doesn’t care what others think, and lets others comment.

In fact, many of her previous videos can be seen her ears very strange, but this one is more obvious, how she accepted her current state? How can she be considered a big beauty before, even if old is not too ugly, this is good, after plastic surgery is not only ugly, but also a little weird.

Liu Xiaoxing plastic surgery experience is not worth learning from, her attitude towards life is still very good, 65 years old experienced a lot of people have not experienced, her feelings and experience of life will naturally be more than others. Now she has found her own way of life, plastic surgery is also a personal will, we are unable to decide for her, so we should also look at her with a normal heart.