Looking back, I realized that most of the partners of the year have been brain-damaged

At present, Chinese society is severely torn, people’s values left and right, we can all feel the same from the WeChat group: whether it is a classmates group, hometown group, family and friends group, as long as the topic of values, immediately each word, endless arguments, and finally disagreement, the friendship boat said to turn over.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

I look back, things are different

Because the values of the tear, WeChat group into a group of people are values convergence, together with a day not chat like three autumn Ruoxi, chatting up like a fire, in fact, are too lazy to know each other is male or female, is ugly or beautiful.

As the saying goes: people floating in WeChat, which has no chat high!

And what classmates group, hometown group, family and friends group, despite the old friendship paragraph affection still, but ultimately can not resist the values of the sky and the sea, talk together, slowly nothing to say slowly become cold and miserable, can not be dissolved on the good. As the saying goes.

Neither can push, and can not talk more!

A friend of mine in Changsha hometown Zhou Ming this phenomenon of perception said well.

The past is called fate, now called three views. This is a substantial cultural progress.

Pull me into the new WeChat group “life coffee” in the newly added my good friend Dasan friend read this article after commenting very thoroughly.

A thief’s righteousness is called “disability”.

This definition of ancestor is accurate.

The awareness of brain damage is an awakening for the speaker.

The so-called division, the so-called drifting away, is a state in which some people have changed while others remain unchanged.

This is a big change (can we say 3,000 years?) It is a historic progress, the sound of an iceberg breaking open. To trust in God’s will, human society will eventually be saved by God. The splitting, the drifting away, could be a good start.

I was a little upset today. A group of people who know each other well argued over something, and I had to be silent.

Silence is the only thing I can do about such things.

Now communication is developed, want to understand a person’s basic values, through the WeChat group, the circle of friends can be.

As long as you speak, retweeted, you can peek into your world.

And this kind of prying, in fact, makes it very difficult, some acquaintances, friends of the values that make you fall, but you can not say anything.

And there is no need to say. I can only lament that we are so strange.


Once, I saw in my circle of friends from childhood a friend’s remarks, really disgusted me, I want to comment below, but also afraid to cause unnecessary arguments, you can only screenshot the paragraph to know the values are also similar to the students to see, and then sent a rant.

The last thing I couldn’t resist was to write this paragraph in my circle of friends: “What separates us is not only the years, but also the values that are drifting apart. It is too difficult to keep the same outlook from young to now. The best ending is to forget about each other in the jungle.”

Some people think it’s a testimonial after a classmate gathering, in fact, not, the party generally only talk about the past, only drink, only talk about youth, and in the circle of friends, in the WeChat group, in the QQ group, to expose these basic views.

Within a few days, a friend said that this paragraph, she borrowed.

She then told me that she used an American brand of cups, posted a picture in her circle of friends, and was educated by a former close classmate with a national righteousness, feeling very uncomfortable, and simply deleted her friends directly.

And this classmate, during the whole secondary school relationship is still good. May go to the bathroom together, study together, encourage each other. These once warm feelings, are ruined by this some national righteousness type of speech.

At that moment, a great sadness enveloped me, how many human beings in our place who are not even thinking properly.

As I grow older, I no longer have the desire to lecture others, nor do I want to be lectured by others. We started from a point of origin and have gone in different directions. Then let’s forget about each other in the jungle.


This is a society with a huge rift.

Not pluralistic, but fractured.

How can we have a unified consensus when we don’t even have basic values? Where universal values can be denied, what can’t be denied.

What I’m trying to say is that as time passes, the cracks in each other are too big, too big.

If you have a friend who still maintains the same three views for more than thirty years, please cherish it, it is a blessing from a previous life. More often than not, we no longer understand each other and our values have completely changed.

The newswire is the pre-dinner dessert for many people, and I can’t watch a single image a year.

What is in many people’s textbooks is all they know, while I keep reading two or three books a month even when I’m most bored, and maybe three or four a week on more days. I have no desire at all for power or to discipline others, and power is the dream of many people.

The dispute between Ark and Han Han made how many good friends split, and the quarrel between Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong about who is right and who is wrong made a couple divorce.

Whether to support Japanese goods or boycott Japanese goods, so how many people’s IQ exposed, and I have been resolutely boycott is stupid, never foreign goods.

South China Sea war or not to fight.

Korean War or not is justice.

Love the country or love the government, what is the difference between the two, etc. etc.

Probably any one of these topics can bring you into strong disagreement with many people. Some disagreements may be talked over, while others, may be difficult for you to let go. Some, we simply don’t communicate.

We learn different histories and naturally have completely different views from many events, and even different views of the people themselves.

We are splitting.

This split gets bigger and bigger as time goes on.

Once, in a group of classmates, I saw a certain statement that was obviously a rumor, I just couldn’t help it, said a bunch of personal views, sent out, although some people agree, but completely offended the students who spoke, and then gradually strange, from then on, every time I met a hot topic, I almost always silent.

The more familiar you are, the more so. Familiarity, does not mean understanding. It’s just that time pushed you ahead of me much earlier.

The only similarity we may have is our love of hometown food, and our sexual orientation may be different.

We are separated not only by decades of time, but also by drifting values.


So thank the city.

This inclusive city will always let you find people who are similar to you, and similar souls will always meet.

And not so much that you have nothing to say.

We do not need to say too much to people who do not understand, and people who understand you, naturally you will understand when you say a word. Here you can always find people who have similar values to yours.

We can find people who like poetry to talk about poetry, people who like to play ball to talk about playing ball, people who work to talk about work, people who gossip to talk about gossip, and people who have a past to talk about the past. You can always find people with the same interests as you.

“A pile of heads goes into the distance. I shrink in the middle of them. No one sees me. But in the book that is still / alive, in the children’s game I will rise / from the dead, the sun is shining.” (Mandelstam, “A Mountain of Accumulated Heads Goes Far Away”)

More and more I feel no need to argue, more and more I resist some remarks, more and more I feel how good it is to be independent in the crowd.

In the past, there might be a certain point of view and in the circle of acquaintances, so a few words, but now I find it completely superfluous.

Because a person grow up process has been educated, and what you say now is only a part of your education, others do not necessarily need you these.


Time will let us meet who, and your heart decides who will stay.

We haven’t seen each other for ten years, let’s talk about something.

It’s better to talk about the youth we once had.

Ideas are like underpants, don’t show them easily.

Only when you know the roots, we can start discussing deeper topics.

Now let’s talk about the past, about the people we know.

Loyal old friends, extend your hand.

Let’s shake hands and get together.

Let’s drink a cup of joy again.

To the old days!

(Robert Burns, “Once Upon a Time”)

Come, let’s drink to the past, and then let’s not talk about the future.

May you go away for many years and come back as a young man. That’s a popular saying these days. How hard that is. How many people can maintain the dreams, the energy, the untainted worldly clarity, the courage to defy the everyday when they were teenagers?

I would rather believe that no matter what values you express, you are still sincere and kind. It’s just that the eyesight can limit a person, and this can’t be forced. In the old days, there will be a good side of you. And in the future, may you be well and kind.

In fact, values, just a kind of conditioning, does not affect a person’s daily life, does not affect you in life is a good father good son good husband, just like no reading can also live, no spirit can also walk through the crowd in the black press.

In the crowded subway and on the bus, who cares what you think.

So, after ten years of not seeing you, I still long to meet you. Because, maybe the values are different, but we have each other’s past.