Zhou Yunfa hundreds of millions of mansion rare exposure, decorated with low-key white wall stains, I was also photographed eating roadside stalls

Recently, a netizen posted a video on a short video platform, which exposed Chow Yun Fat’s mansion worth $1.5 billion.

From the video, we can see that the netizen exposed Chow Yun Fat mansion covers a large area, the netizen said that this mansion is located in the famous rich area of Hong Kong, which means that the people living here are rich or noble.

Although the mansion looks large, but the appearance is very simple, the decoration is also very low-key. The entire wall is simply white, even because of the age and stains all over, making people feel a little rough.

Netizens have also seen this video in the comments section to express their views, some netizens said “this house does not look so expensive ah, outside so common, look not our community that 20 million villa beautiful.

There are also netizens who said “country house, so earthy”, and netizens flirted with “saw him in the morning? Everyone seems to have some disbelief that the appearance of hundreds of millions of mansions are so ordinary and even a little earthy.

Although Chow Yun Fat is already an international superstar, but he has always maintained a low-key style in life, probably because of this is not a big renovation of the mansion. Previously, there have been occasional encounters with Chow Yun Fat eating roadside stalls.

A while ago, Nicholas Tse also posted a photo of himself and Chow Yun Fat on social media platforms, and both looked very happy. As the former and the latter who get along well, the two have always had a good relationship. Everyone is also looking forward to the opportunity for them to work together again in a wonderful production.

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