Ma Yili apologized for its endorsement brand involved in crime: has been the first to terminate the contract, actively cooperate with the investigation

Ma Yili has always had a good image, but recently she has been involved in a fraudulent endorsement controversy that has left people in a state of shock.

The source of the matter is Shanghai police earlier cracked a “set to join” milk tea shop fraud case, the amount involved up to 700 million, and the company’s spokesman is exactly Ma Yili.

Many victims said that it was because they believed Ma Yili that they did not become suspicious.

In that case, as a celebrity spokesperson really can not escape blame.

Ma Yili did not shirk her responsibility.

In the afternoon of May 15, her studio released a statement saying that she had received notification from the police that the brand was involved in a crime and was under investigation.

And after the incident, Ma Yili party has the first time to terminate the contract with the brand, and after that will also actively cooperate with the investigation work, at the same time will fully assist the deceived franchisees to defend their rights.

The statement revealed that Ma Yili started working with the brand in October 2020, and the brand was also verified before the cooperation.

For today’s outbreak of fraud, Ma Yili party self-reflection pre-screening is not long enough, there is work oversight, and finally apologize to the deceived consumers and franchisees, while saying that in the future will be more careful to choose the cooperation brand.

Later, Ma Yili himself forwarded the studio’s statement, once again apologizing to all the victims, and said that he is now actively cooperating with the police investigation, promising that in the future he will self-reflect and self-correct with his staff.

For Ma Yili’s apology, netizens do not seem to be satisfied, have left messages: “I hope all stars can be responsible before endorsement, rather than apologize only after something has happened!” “An apology is enough?” “If you have money, you can endorse, and if something goes wrong, you can cancel your contract.”

Star endorsement problems, is not the first time, before there are fake drugs fake wine network lending, did not expect that now milk tea also accident.

It is reported that the milk tea store “Cha Zhi X” endorsed by Ma Yili hired to queue up, the amount of fraud up to 700 million yuan.

The victim of the scam was interviewed and said that she believed in Ma Yili, so she joined the milk tea store and kept throwing money into it, not expecting to be cheated in the end.

The reason why the victims trusted the “tea Chi X”, in addition to the endorsement of Ma Yili, but also with the Netflix store row.

It is reported that the store in Shanghai People’s Square business is booming, long lines every day, attracting a lot of attention, creating the illusion of a booming business.

But the local media found that the “tea Chi X” daily employment of a hundred people in line, the daily wage ranging from 40 to 80 yuan, the shop will be photographed in front of the false queue, sent to people who are willing to join, cheating the franchise fee.

After the exposure of the report, the relevant parties set up a task force to investigate the “tea Chi X” behind the enterprise, following the trail to capture the fraudulent gang dedicated to franchisees.

At present, the fraud case has been cracked by the Shanghai economic investigation police, the amount involved up to 700 million yuan, the total number of people involved in more than 90 people, has been taken by the public security organs to take criminal compulsory measures.

“Tea Chi X” person in charge of Wang Moumou revealed to the police, December 2020 to March 2021, hundreds of franchisees paid the franchise fee, but Wang Moumou did not provide follow-up operational services.

According to reports, in the operation of “tea Chi X” before, Wang Moumou has created and closed down two milk tea chain brands.