48-year-old Yuan Li appeared in the hospital to visit the patient, plain face appearing dressed plainly, no star frame

On May 13, some Tongchuan media reported that Yuan Li came to visit a hospital in Tongchuan to cheer for pneumoconiosis patients. The actual web site has been uploaded by the netizens to see that Yuan Li has not shown up for a long time, dressed very plainly, and everyone’s impression of her change is not small.

The day, Yuan Li wearing a black sportswear, head hat mask full armor, but also wear a pair of glasses, but still can not cover the puffy raised cheeks, looks more than the previous rounded than a circle. The actual fact is that the actual person is not a person who is not a person.

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According to reports, Yuan Li personally came to the ward that day, patiently questioning the patients, holding their hands and encouraging them to overcome their illness. In the photo, Yuan Li is sitting at the patient’s bedside, with her hand on the fence, looking a little star stand, which is really very heartwarming ah!

The netizens saw the video and gave praise to Yuan Li for her years of donating to pneumoconiosis patients, thinking that this is what stars should do, hoping that other artists can also learn from her and care more about public welfare. But some netizens focused their attention on Yuan Li’s figure, and seeing her slightly raised abdomen, they couldn’t help but ask in the comments section, “Is she pregnant?”

In fact, Yuan Li’s body is not the first day out of shape, as early as the beginning of this year, Yuan Li Foundation had a video of Yuan Li sending New Year’s wishes, the video of Yuan Li’s whole face is round and swollen, cheeks look meat bulge, double chin is very round, by netizens spit: “can star in Conan inside Dr. Agasa.”

The actual fact is that Yuan Li has had a very difficult experience over the years, getting married 3 times and divorced 2 times, without expressing a strong desire to have children. What’s more, now that Yuan Li is 48 years old, it’s not an easy thing to get pregnant.

Perhaps Yuan Li is a middle-aged person, the body has become fat, this is also very normal, I hope we do not overdo the speculation.