Aton’s daughter is 15 years old! The angelic face that exploded the world is gone

The 18th of last month was the 15th birthday of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri Cruise Suri Cruise.

Her photos of hanging out with friends in New York were exposed, and the cute little doll who was so cute that she exploded back then has grown up as a teenager.

Some netizens said that Suri has grown up, rather than as stunning as when she was a child…

Born in 2006, Su Rui, the media attention over the past decade or so has been unabated.

A few dozen days old on the cover of a magazine with his parents

Childhood street photography photos, each classic.

The father held the grown-ups in various outing photos.

It is a superb proof of “superstar doting daughter”.

However, Katie suddenly filed divorce proceedings in 2012, and after the couple agreed to divorce within 10 days, Tom quickly broke off contact with both mother and daughter.

After being photographed at an event with 7-year-old Suri in 2013, Suri has not been seen with her father in public since.