The famous actor Yoon Jae Woong died at the age of 39, his last post caused tears, he had scored the music for “Descendants of the Sun

On May 13, Korean media reported that J.Yoon (Yoon Jae woo), a member of M.C the Max, died suddenly at the age of 39.

In the news, a representative of Yoon Jae Woong’s agency released the news of his death, saying that the company and its staff mourned his death with great sadness, and also conveyed the sad news to the fans who supported Yoon Jae Woong and felt very sad.

In the article, the company representative added, “In order to let Yoon Jae woo rest in peace, please pray for the deceased’s meditation and earnestly ask everyone to refrain from speculative reports for the sake of the family.”

According to Korean media, the police arrived at the home first to investigate after receiving the report and have not yet made public the cause of Yoon Jae Woong’s death, while from the agency’s obituary, it is likely that Yoon Jae Woong died suddenly and not from a chronic illness, and what the cause was is subject to follow-up investigation, but the police have ruled out the suspicion of homicide at first.

The last update before his death was on April 14, when he posted a message revealing that he was working hard for a better picture. In the attached photo, Yoon Jae Woong had a head of bangs and was holding a musical instrument to perform, working very actively.

The photo is a very positive one. At that time, there were many fans who sent messages of encouragement, but I didn’t expect it to be the last public appearance of Yin Caixiong before his death, which caused people to cry.

The company’s main business is to promote the company’s products and services to the public. What happened to Yoon Jae Woong that caused him to end his bright and beautiful life?

M.C THE MAX is a famous Korean rock band, initially formed by four members in 2000, and became popular in Japan and Korea with the song “Children of the Moon”, and their representative works include “You Blow Like the Wind”, “Let You Go with the Wind”, “Wherever You Are”, etc. They have sung for dramas such as “Descendants of the Sun” and “Birth of a Beauty”.

In the early days of M.C THE MAX, Yoon Jae Woong was the bassist and violinist in the band, but one of the members suddenly left, leaving behind Yoon Jae Woong, Jeon Kwang Chul, and Jeon Hong Wan. They have reunited and are active until now, winning many gold record awards and nominated for many awards until last year, and are loved by their fans.

M.C THE MAX released a new album in March this year to celebrate 30 years of existence, and fans still hope to see their concert after the epidemic, but unexpectedly Yoon Jae Woong said goodbye in this way, making people sigh with sorrow.