Ben Affleck’s $20 million mansion was nearly invaded, but the paparazzi came to the rescue

Ben Affleck is suspected of getting back together with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, and has become the focus of attention of the media in Europe and the United States. Recently, it was rumored that his $20 million mansion in California was almost broken into by a man, but fortunately the paparazzi who had been ambushed for many days found that immediately called the police, but when the police arrived, the man had already ridden his bike and fled.

The foreign media “Page Six” pointed out that the small class suspected of reconnecting with Jennifer, so many paparazzi have been stationed outside the small class mansion, hoping to capture the figure of Jennifer, did not expect to see a man wearing a black jacket, trying to climb up the iron door and enter the house, the back of his jacket is also printed on the “They saw a suspicious person, they quickly used their cell phones to notify the police, to avoid a disaster.

Ben Affleck only last weekend with Jennifer Lopez, together with a private plane to Montana ski resort, the 2 also spent a whole week in a private club for a pleasant trip, apparently quite enjoyable, as to whether the 2 people old love rekindled, so far has not been disclosed to the public, on the current relationship, there is any statement.