Too good at making money! Fan Bingbing opened a Chinese student apartment in Canada and made money like crazy

It is understood that Fan Bingbing, in addition to her acting career, has many companies under her name, involving film and television, wine, investment, etc., with a wide range of income sources.

According to Forbes data, from July 2016 to June 2017, Fan Bingbing earned 300 million yuan, ranking second in the list of celebrities in the entertainment industry, just after Jackie Chan. However, the 2018 Forbes China Celebrity List is without Fan Bingbing’s name. However, after the incident of the yin and yang contract, Fan Bingbing’s fortune has long exceeded 3 billion yuan in 2018, according to the 21st century economy, citing industry sources.

It is reported that Fan Bingbing is very keen on real estate investment, especially going overseas to Canadian properties.

Initially, Fan Bingbing looked at a century-old Gothic wooden house in Richmond for $270,000 Canadian dollars. She bought a century-old house in Richmond, Canada in two years in installments. Two years later, Fan paid off this house in full while also obtaining 420,000 Canadian dollars in rent by renting out this house. An immigration consulting firm offered her $370,000 to buy the house, but she turned it down.

(Image source: Internet)

With more and more Chinese students heading to Canada, Fan Bingbing has even started to invest massively in apartments for Chinese students. With her acting career and international influence soaring, Fan has invested most of her income in Canada.

It is reported that she would also advertise on the exterior walls of some buildings being spray-painted with her disguise of Golden Lock in “Also known as Zhuge Ge”. Once the Chinese students over here heard that this was actually a student apartment opened by Fan Bingbing, all the rooms were snapped up and rented out in less than a week.

After that, Fan Bingbing saw the business opportunity and invested most of her income in Canada, successively setting up her own properties around the campuses of McGill University, University of Waterloo, McMaster University, Queen’s University, University of Western Ontario, University of British Columbia and University of Alberta, and opening branches of Bingbing Inn in various universities.