Mixed-race Hong Kong sister Xie Jiayi sunshine family photos, a family of three high value, won the championship six months still live in the old village house

On May 13, according to Hong Kong media reports, the mixed-race Hong Kong sister champion Xie Jiayi took a rare family photo on her personal social account, and the family of three has a superb face.

After Xie Jiayi returned to Hong Kong to develop, Xie’s father always accompanied her, but due to force majeure, her mother has stayed abroad, and the family has not been reunited for a long time.

She quietly returned to her home abroad before Mother’s Day to give her mom a surprise.

Earlier, she posted a video of her meeting with her mother, mother and daughter hugged tightly together, the picture was very warm, and many netizens said they watched and cried.

I didn’t expect that Xie’s father turned out to follow him back to his home abroad, and the family of three could finally be reunited.

The latest photo was exposed, Xie Jiayi wearing a light-colored V-neck top, hair casually tied up, styling plain. It is said that youth is the capital, only 25 years old, even if she does not apply makeup, still beautiful as a flower.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Dad Xie appeared in a gray checkered top with his hair specially groomed. Many netizens had complimented him on his youthful looks, and after not showing up for a while, his sideburns were white, but he didn’t look haggard and handsome as always.

Xie’s mother had a curly hair perm, with delicate makeup, looking very elegant. She is not young, but her skin is still firm and lustrous, and her body is not fattened and in great shape.

In general, Xie’s father and mother are well maintained and they look less like Xie Jiayi’s parents and more like her older siblings.

It is reported that Xie Jiayi has a good relationship with her parents, and she will participate in the beauty pageant, all in order to give her father to fulfill his dream.

Xie Jiayi once revealed that she could not walk when her father already wanted her to participate in the Hong Kong sister. For the sake of her father, she originally worked as a nurse, in the case of almost can not speak Cantonese, returned to Hong Kong to register for the competition.

Although her eloquence was not as good as the other beauties, her outstanding appearance and grounded personality were liked by the audience and the judges.

In the end, she was the winner and took the most photogenic award.

After the competition, she successfully signed with TVB and officially became an artist. Since she spoke Cantonese poorly, the executives did not dare to arrange for her to do drama for the time being and only let her appear in variety shows.

Xie Jiayi was not disheartened, she came home from work every day to practice desperately, and also made a lot of notes. It is worth mentioning that she still lives in the old village house after winning the title for six months.

After working hard, she has improved a lot and her accent is not as heavy as before.

However, the variety show “Good Voice” aired a few days ago, as a contestant she was really too nervous and was super uncomfortable when she said the dialogue. It seems that she still needs to work hard.