Congratulations! 39-year-old queen of Korean drama announced love, Han Yiseul sunshine new love frontal photo, handsome does not lose the star

On May 13, according to media reports, the former queen of Korean drama Han Ye Seul announced her new relationship in a high profile through her personal social account and generously showed a frontal photo of her new love.

In the photo, she also shared a photo of her date with her boyfriend inside a restaurant.

In the photo, she is wearing a striped shirt with her long silky hair casually draped over her shoulder with delicate makeup and a simple yet stylish look.

The 39 year old woman has a well-maintained face and body, and looks a lot younger than her actual age.

The company is in a good mood to look at the phone while smiling with a happy face, and her joy can be felt across the screen.

The boyfriend appeared in a black outfit with simple clothes. His skin is fair, his features are handsome and handsome, and his appearance is not at all inferior to that of the male stars in the entertainment industry. It is a very good match with the beautiful Han Ye Seul.

The netizens were shocked when Han Ye Seul’s romance was revealed, but they still didn’t forget to leave their congratulations and bless her to harvest happiness.

The name of Han Ye Seul is not unfamiliar to most Korean drama fans. In the early years, she starred with Oh Ji Ho in the drama “Dream Couple” was introduced to the mainland, and harvested high ratings and good word of mouth.

In the drama, Han Ye Seul played a character who was originally an arrogant and domineering young lady who lost her memory in an accident and became the quirky Luo Sangshi, and started a ludicrous love story with the male lead.

After the drama aired, her popularity soared and her future was bright. Unfortunately, her image plummeted in 2011 due to the controversy of striking out from filming.

After that, she regained some audience recognition with “Birth of a Beauty”, but it is hard for her to return to her former peak state.

Her career has been a bit of a struggle, and her relationship path has also been difficult. Before she met her current boyfriend, she was in love with Teddy, an ace music producer, and the two of them were often seen together and showed their affection.

The two were in love for 4 years, but they went their separate ways. The actress said, “I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get back to you.

Fortunately, she is now completely out of the breakup shadow and found a new partner.